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New Zealander’s virgin golden brown wavy hair

Am willing to barter - Email me on JLhobman@gmail.com4 Years of growth. Unstraightened/ dyed. Top draw, well loved hair. :) Hope you enjoy it as much as I ...

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Dark Ash Blonde 20 inches

I am planning to take off about 20 inches but it is negotiable. I've never dyed or highlighted it The ends will need to be trimmed, last visit to the hair sa...

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15″ dirty blonde, includes 3 oz of hair from brushes to make rats.

HI, I have 15 inches of hair ready to sell, I have been growing it out to sell for years. Most people consider me a blonde. I'm a licensed cosmetologist so it ...

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10” Long, 3.5” Thick Virgin Straight Brown Hair

Treatment: Never blow dried, dyed, straightened, curled, heated, or chemically treated. Washed with shampoo and conditioner approximately every 3 days. I use a ...

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golden medium blonde virgin hair

very unprocessed hair from 12 yr old girl who wanted a pixie cut. Washed approx. 2 -3 times per week, air dryed. Very rarely curled on special occasions ( app...

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Very thick, healthy naturally straight hair - rare heat use, highlighted very irregularly, washed and conditioned every 2-3 days and occasional use of hair oils...

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No flash


Thick Dark Blonde/Light Brown European-American virgin hair

1 foot of healthy shiny, natural, multi-colored, very thick, slightly wavy, virgin hair.My hair is darker towards the back and underneath and more wavy i...

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Virgin Brown 15″, Thick, Straight and Shiny

Virgin, thick, dark brown hair for sale with some natural copper highlights. I am a healthy, non-smoking caucasian female cutting hair after 2 back to back preg...

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Hair Length


Virgin Curly Red Hair

long red curly hair with a little white. 4 Different shades of red and blond for plenty of natural highlights.Naturally curly spirals if allowed to dry lo...

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Blonde Hair 12 inches long

-Washed daily -Hair is super soft and in great condition -Rarely used a blow dryer, iron, or curler -Previously dyed hair -prefer to use paypal

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$200 OBO

Quick Sale! 14 Inches VIRGIN Dark Blonde with Natural Highlights with a Sli...

Want quick sale! Make me an offer!Washed every other day or so, always air dried. I am a non smoker (quit 4 years ago). I am a stay at home mom and never "d...

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19″ straight black Asian virgin hair

19 inches of shiny straight black virgin hair. Thickness is 3.5 inches.My hair is never dyed, never treated chemically and never subjected to heat treatment...

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12″ copper red straight virgin hair 3.5″ thick for sale

Recently cut on December 1, 2016, ready to ship!Length: 12" even length ( 14" total length not factored in to cost due to long layers) Thickness: 3.5" Co...

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Ruler with My Hair


Virgin Straight Red Hair

Non-smoker, washed 2-3 times per week, air-dried, 1-2 glasses of wine per week, drink mainly water (tap, bottled and coconut).Cut 11/29/16.Cashier's Che...

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$800 to 1500

Long Hair Wanted

Wanted, Long hair at least 20 inches or Longer.Must be willing to get a very short pixie haircut or a Buzzcut Haircut Price depending on length of hair and how...

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