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Checkout our New HairSellon Video Starring Sara

| HairSellon Blog | December 8, 2016

Watch the video below to find out how Sara sold her hair on HairSellon, the Worldwide Hair Trade Marketplace! Sara takes us through the whole process, from hearing about HairSellon through a friend, to finding the HairSellon website, selling her hair and planning what to spend the money on! She also learns why HairSellon is […]

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Top Tips and Advice for Sellers and Buyers

| HairSellon Blog | January 7, 2015

One member of HairSellon who has extensive experience in the business has kindly written in to provide some excellent insight and advice for both buyers and sellers using this site. Hello, I have been doing this for quite a long time. There are many scammers out there. I just wanted to send a few simple […]

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Advert Listing Extensions!

| HairSellon Blog | October 21, 2014

Our advert listing period has been extended… We’re pleased to announce we’ve extended our advert running time to 3 Months to celebrate the beginning of 2014! Simply post an advert as usual and you’re advert will run for three months instead of two or until you’ve sold and removed it. Get started by Adding an […]

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$37,000 for Willie Nelson’s Hair!

| HairSellon Blog | October 14, 2014

Willie Nelson’s hair braids have been sold at an exclusive auction in Phoenix, Arizona for $37,000! The auction took place during the estate sale of late country singer song-writer Waylon Jennings who died in 2002. Nelson reportedly presented the braids as a strange gift to Waylon Jennings during a party thrown by June and Johnny […]

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Strange uses for Hair Featuring HairSellon!

| HairSellon Blog | October 8, 2014

Five strange uses for hair featuring HairSellon! Find out more about what makes up the hair on your head and where it’s been used in the past!

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Discount – 25% Off Hair Listings

| HairSellon Blog | October 16, 2013

UPDATE: This offer has now expired, visit the current list of HairSellon Promotional Offers and Exclusive Coupons » For a limited time only HairSellon is offering a 25% discount on all new hair listings, but hurry offer ends on Sunday!

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Charity Hair Sale Success Stories

| Charity, HairSellon Blog | August 6, 2013

If you would like to do a charity hair sale please Read Our Guide » 2013 Beautiful Chestnut Hair Sold for Charity A great example of how easy it is to raise money for your charity with another charity hair sale which sold very quickly. The money is to be donated to the Athens Academy […]

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Why Do People Buy Hair?

| HairSellon Blog | June 14, 2013

Buy hair for Wig Making

One of the most common questions people ask when they discover HairSellon is why do people buy hair? Many people are often amazed to discover that such an active human hair marketplace exists, but when you explain the reasons behind why people and businesses Buy Hair, what may seem an initally strange idea becomes an […]

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Selling Hair For Charity – Intelligent Fundrasing Guide

| Charity, HairSellon Blog | October 22, 2012

Unfortunately we have had to put a halt to charity sales for now. Of course you can still run your own private charity sale. From the moment HairSellon was launched there has been a strong desire to do our part for charity, specifically aiding organisations who help children suffering from serious illnesses such as cancer […]

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What is Virgin Hair?

| HairSellon Blog | October 16, 2012

There are several members on HairSellon selling Virgin Hair but for many there is still some confusion over what exactly classifies as virgin hair. It’s one of the most important aspects to consider for people looking to buy hair, and has a huge impact on overall hair value, so what exactly is virgin hair…?

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HairSellon Promotions & Coupons

| HairSellon Blog | September 20, 2012

Current Offers A complete list of current and expired offers. Latest offers at the top of the list…

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Half Price Hair Listings

| HairSellon Blog | September 20, 2012

UPDATE: This offer has now expired, visit the current list of HairSellon Promotional Offers and Exclusive Coupons » Our great value Hair Listing Service just got even better! For a limited time only we can offer you Half-Price Listings! If you have a Facebook Profile all you need to do is head over to our […]

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Hair History – Where Does Hair Come from & Why do we Have it?

| HairSellon Blog | July 16, 2012

A short look at the long history of one of the most useful evolutions of man… As the number one hair selling marketplace on the web, it would be remiss of us not to discuss the merits and history of how and why we have hair.

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Charlize Theron- The latest celeb to lobe the locks

| HairSellon Blog | July 9, 2012

Recent pictures have revealed Charlize Theron’s new look…

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Hair Killers & How to Avoid Them

| HairSellon Blog | July 3, 2012

For anyone looking to sell their hair, keeping it in optimum condition is crucial towards maximising it’s worth. Read on to find out about the biggest hair killers and damaging factors that might be reducing your hairs’ value, and how best to avoid them…

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