Virgin Blonde Hair

12 inch hair washed every other day. I very rarely used heat on it (just the rare occasion of curling it for events) & I […]
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9.5 inch Strawberry Blonde Ponytail

Pre-washed and conditioned virgin strawberry blonde hair in a ponytail. Pre-cut and stored in an airtight, sterile container. Great condition, trimmed ends. The pictures may […]
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$500 OBO

19″+ Blonde, Naturally Wavy

Shaving my head. Hair to be cut by a family member in my home. 19+ inches of thick, wavy, dirty blonde hair. Naturally highlighted from […]
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13″ Straight Blonde Virgin Hair

13+ inches of virgin straight, blonde hair, 2.75 inches thick. Has natural highlights, lightens in the summer and darkens in the winter. Healthy diet, non-smoker […]
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$450 obo

16″+ Virgin Blonde Wavy Hair

16+ inches of think, wavy, strawberry blonde hair. Natural highlights and no heat damage. Healthy diet, non smoker. Washed 1-2 times a week and occasional […]
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Blonde Baltic wavy hair

Hello! I’m a 23 year old female. My hair is already cut. It’s about 9 inches long. My hair is blonde, and usually turns lighter […]
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