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17″ Virgin Blonde Hair – wavy

Virgin hair from 13 year old, never colored, no curling iron/flat iron/blow dryer. Washed 3 times per week. Non-smoker. Healthy diet, constantly hydrating body too.
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Dark Blonde 10+ inches

Virgin dark blond curly hair. Hair is naturally curly, I have never straightened it, curled it, or blow dried it. The most recent pictures are […]
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11in Blonde hair

Never been dyed, rarely straightened, curled, or blow dried, washed about every two days, never smoked or done drugs or drank alcohol. Prefer to use […]
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Thick Natural Blonde

This blonde is absolutely natural, not even sun bleached. Such thick and full, strong strands. Really nice medium length. Simple wash and conditioning routine, air […]
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Golden blonde virgin hair 10”

Straight golden blonde hair with natural highlights. The pictures are in different lightings, the first one is in the afternoon sun and the second one […]
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