10″ Virgin Blonde Hair

Virgin, never dyed (natural highlights), never smoker, rarely curled/straightened/blow dried (maybe twice per year), washed and conditioned three time a week and allowed to air […]
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13.5″ Virgin Blonde Hair

Never dyed (natural highlights), never smoker, rarely curled, straightened, or blow-dried (about twice per year), washed three times per week and allowed to air dry.
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10″ straight, virgin, blonde hair

Minimum of 10″ of straight, virgin blonde hair. No heat/styling tools used on hair. Healthy, active young female. Natural highlights. Non smoker.
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14inch long Virgin hair

Virgin hair my whole life never once been dyed or highlighted. Almost never blow dried maybe once in the last year honestly. Never hot iron […]
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15″ of Super Shiny Virgin Blonde

15″ of super shiny virgin blonde hair. Never coloured or heat treated. Non-smoker. 24 years old. Washed 1-2 times per week. Have always received so […]
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10 inches

My hair has never been dyed or permed, is healthy and regularly trimmed. Light blonde with highlights
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