Virgin Red Thick Healthy Hair 12″

Beautiful virgin, healthy and thick hair. Wash 2-4x per week with organic shampoo and conditioner, eat very healthy diet, and never blow dry. Do not […]
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Red/Copper/Auburn Virgin Hair

Teen girl virgin copper hair–constant compliments on color. Different shade of red indoors or when the sun makes it sparkle. (Brother has brown hair, sister […]
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25 inches of red hair

Hair is red. Grown for 6 years, wore it with double braids and straight. Have never used any color or heating products. Only cleansing product […]
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13″ Gorgeous Virgin Red Hair

13 inches of virgin red hair. Washed two-three times weekly with shampoo and conditioner. Never been curled, straightened, or blow dryed. Non-smoker in a non-smoking […]
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Red hair, 15”

Washed 2 times a week, with shampoo and conditioner. Hair is course, thick, and wavy. I do vape
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$1060 OBO

31″ Straight red virgin hair

Beautiful long red hair. Very well taken care of and washed once a week and braided. Practically virgin although it has been styled with heat […]
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13″ beautiful irish ginger hair

Beautiful thick virgin hair. Naturally ginger/ red. I get daily compliments on my hair and random people on the street want to feel it, its […]
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