12+ inches Dark Auburn/Brown male hair, very healthy and strong, 3″ thickness, ready to cut!

$$100 OBO

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Additional Info

Hair Length (Inches)12
Hair Thickness3 Inches Thick
Hair ColourAuburn
Hair EthnicityCaucasian
Hair Texture TypeWavy
CountryUnited States
Zip/Postal Code97444

10/23 update: I have reduced the price even more, as I would very much like to cut this long hair and get it out of my way! I have not yet received any inquiries about my hair and I am just ready to be done dealing with long hair. Please contact me to make an offer! 🙂

12+ inches of Auburn/Dark Brown adult male hair for sale, ready to cut! My hair is healthy and clean and strong, but I’m not calling it “virgin” because it has been blow-dried occasionally (always on low heat) and because I smoke cannabis. Never cigarettes, only cannabis including lots of CBD. I eat a healthy, mostly-vegetarian and home-cooked diet, and I am able to grow hair and nails with ease. I shower every other day, usually just rinsing my hair well with warm water but occasionally lathering very gently with a diluted mix of Bronner’s. The ends have been recently trimmed so the hair is healthy all the way to the tip. My wonderful wife is my hairdresser as well, she trims the damaged ends off about once every 10 weeks and she will be the one cutting my hair when we find a buyer. In the photos with ponytail and with my hair down, my hair had just been rinsed and was combed out as straight as it gets. It was still lightly damp when those pictures were taken, and the evening light really brings out the reddish tint. It naturally wants to be wavy and curly, even curling into ringlets sometimes if I just let it do whatever it wants.

I will accept payment only via Paypal, and I will only ship within the United States. I will ship using a small flat rate Priority Mail box, so the hair will deliver to you quickly and safely. I have enjoyed having long hair, but it’s just not practical for me anymore so I am ready to have my wife cut this long hair off as soon as we find a buyer. The hair can be cut in a ponytail or a braid, whatever the buyer prefers, and we can take a video of the hair cutting (after payment is received of course) if that is important to you. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Update on 10/20: I am adding two more pictures, as my hair is in a braid today. Today’s light brings out more of the brown and less of the red. I have also reduced the price, and I am open to offers as I am looking forward to having my hair cut! 🙂

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