13 inches virgin Dark brown curly hair with natural blonde highlights



Additional Info

Hair Length (Inches)13"
Hair Thickness2.5 Inches Thick
Hair ColourBrown
Hair EthnicityCaucasian
Hair Texture TypeCurly
Hair to be Cut byHair Salon/Professional, Buyer can Cut
CountryUnited States
Zip/Postal Code63303

13-14 Inches of curly dark brown hair

Blondish highlights are natural (Just from sun?).
Virgin hair! I’ve never put any kind of dye in my hair (Not even temporary types).

Hair is 2 years of growth (My last haircut was January 12, 2022 – except some minor trimming once. No layered cuts.)
My hair is super healthy and taking care of it has been SO easy! (I feel like I won the genetics lottery of hair when I talk with people on how hard it is to maintain their curly hair).

I used to shampoo/condition once a week until about a year ago, then I switched to not using shampoo or conditioner at all as it just really didn’t need it. I deep rinse hair about once a week (Heavy scalp treatment & hair rinsing) & that has been perfect for it. My hair does not get greasy.
Once I rinse my hair, I put one product in it and that get’s the look I like. I scrunch my hair with my hands and just let it air dry to get it to be a little curlier (how you see in the pictures).

I only use one product in my hair (The only one I’ve used in the last 2 years – Tea Tree’s Styling Wax: https://www.paulmitchell.com/tea-tree/tea-tree-special/tea-tree-styling-wax )

I’ve never straightened my hair or used a blow dryer on my hair.

I live a very healthy lifestyle (active/in shape/exercise regularly/etc.).
Healthy Diet (Eat organic/healthy food, no processed sugar foods, take cod liver oil regularly & other vitamins, etc).
Don’t smoke cigarettes and am not around people who do.

I’m mostly Portuguese/Spanish descent (Some French Canadian too, but I’m sure the dark look is from the Portuguese side :p )

Measuring the hair all the areas were 14 inches or 14.5 inches. I’m saying 13 inches is for sale just because I don’t know if some will get lost when cutting it. I’m planning on selling it all though – buzz cut here we come! 😀

Donating all the money to a non-profit charity so feel good about supporting a good cause too.

Will consider lower offers but I’m not in a rush to sell, so I’ll probably be pretty patient on the price for a while. 🙂