Additional Info

CountryUnited Arab Emirates
Zip/Postal Code48304
Hair Lengths14 inches
Hair TypeEuropean Hair, Other Hair
Colors AvailableBlonde

Hello!!! I am selling my virgin blonde hair that has a natural layered cut. I have them cut every 3-5 months to avoid any split ends or just an overall poor quality. I’m selling 14 inches of my hair 5 inches thick. I find my hair to be unique because it can go from a natural standard blonde to the brightest, shiniest blonde colour. As you can see in the pictures my hair is in a naturally formed layered cut, and has natural highlights thanks to the sun, and each highlight is different from the other. I get them washed 3-4 times a week usually and I use John Frieda’s Blonde Hair Highlighter to keep my hair as shiny as possible, so I recommend this shampoo if you’d like to keep on having enhanced natural highlights. Since I’m down to my last bottle of shampoo, I have no problem with giving it to you for free with whatever’s left in it. Also, if you’ve been wondering, I have never had my hair straightened or curled, and they’ve never been dyed or had extensions.
Lastly, i’m new to the UAE and where I come from the sun is not half as bright and powerful as it is here, and it’s almost always cloudy. I’ve been in the UAE for almost 3 months now and my hair has never been brighter and shinier. So you don’t even have to worry about not getting highlights if you dont use a specific shampoo, the sun does the job alone here. I’m half european half middle eastern btw if that helps you in any way.
Delivering to UAE and Lebanon
Payment preference: Paypal
Contact me
instagram: @lucashochar
Email: lucas.hochar@gmail.com
PS: I’m not cutting my hair until it gets sold to keep it as healthy as it can be.