21″ Brown Straight Healthy Virgin Hair

$600 /best offer


Additional Info

Hair Length (Inches)21
Hair Thickness3 Inches Thick
Hair ColourBrown
Hair EthnicityCaucasian
Hair Texture TypeStraight
Hair to be Cut byHair Salon/Professional, Buyer can Cut
CountryUnited States
Zip/Postal Code63123

21″ brown straight virgin hair. 3″ circumference around top of ponytail. Half Caucasian, half Hispanic. Never dyed. Never used heat (curler, straightener, blow dryer, etc.) Only warm shower water. Non-smoker. Washed every 2-3 days. Color is a medium brown. In sunlight, it often shows some golden highlights. At sunrise and sunset it often gains a beautiful red tint. Also, in the summer, it seems to get slightly more light streaks when exposed to sun frequently. Texture is straight, smooth, soft, and shiny. It easily slides out of a high ponytail or a high bun especially when it is recently washed. When people touch it, they are often amazed at how soft and smooth it is. Individual hair thickness is pretty fine. I eat very healthy. I stay away from all processed foods- very natural and organic diet. I take a multivitamin, and a hair health supplement daily. This all keeps my hair very healthy. It grows fast and barely has any split ends at all. I will not trim off the ends before cutting it because there is almost no damage at all to the ends. I want to have my hair cut around mid/late December. The best offer by then will be who I sell it to. I will only use Paypal for payment- no cash or check will be accepted. I am willing to let the buyer cut my hair as long as it can be done somewhere close to me. Otherwise I will have it cut in a salon and mail it in neat, tightly braided ponytails to avoid tangling. Any other questions about my hair, please ask!

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