virgin 22-inch light golden brown/auburn young teen female hair

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Additional Info

Hair Length (Inches)22
Hair Thickness4 Inches Thick
Hair ColourBrown
Hair EthnicityCaucasian
Hair Texture TypeStraight, Wavy
Hair to be Cut byHair Salon/Professional
Hair WeightHas not been weighed
CountryUnited States
Zip/Postal Code84401

I’m interested in selling my beautiful 22-inch virgin hair. I am female, Caucasian, and a teenager, so my hair is soft, shiny, and easy to work with.

Depending on the light and sun angle, my hair can look a variety of shades. These include golden brown, auburn, and even a dark or honey blonde. My hair has natural highlights and lowlights.

I eat a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats like guacamole. I do not smoke or drink, and no one in my house smokes either, so my hair isn’t receiving the effects of second-hand smoke. I exercise regularly and wash my hair 2-3 times a week with shampoo and conditioner free of parabens, dyes, and silicone. My hair has never been blow-dried or towel dried, it is always left down to air dry. I never brush my hair when it’s wet. I rarely even use hairspray or mousse. My hair is usually pulled back into a single loose braid at the nape of my neck, so there is no elastic-caused damage. I got my hair trimmed recently, so the hair for sale is split-end free. My hair has never been permed, bleached, or dyed.

My hair is medium texture – not too coarse or too fine. It doesn’t tangle easily, but it still has enough grip to stay in braids and other hairstyles without slipping. My hair is naturally straight, but holds waves and curl very well when desired. For example, if I were to get my hair very lightly damp and then braid it, the resulting wave would stay in looking defined and healthy for days, even without hairspray. In the photo gallery, there is a photo of my hair in waves. That is with no product and me just sleeping in braids overnight. As you can observe in the picture, there is no frizz and the hair still appears shiny and natural. This picture was taken when I got home from school, so you can tell that my hair does not frizz throughout the day.

I am selling 22 inches of hair, and the circumference of my ponytail is 4 inches.

Payment is required before I cut and send my hair. My preferred method of payment is Paypal. Price excludes shipping cost. Please contact me with your shipping details before paying so that you will know the final cost including shipping.

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