30″ Blonde Fine 2A/2B Irish/British Virgin Hair

$3000 obo


Additional Info

Hair Length (Inches)30
Hair Thickness3 Inches Thick
Hair ColourBlonde
Hair EthnicityCaucasian
Hair Texture TypeWavy
Hair to be Cut byHair Salon/Professional
CountryUnited States
Zip/Postal Code11214

Offers are encouraged. Hair will be sold to the first legitimate inquiry that processes payment as agreed. I’m selling my hair because I know it’s quality. Inquiries about the hair still being available will not receive a response.

Virgin hair. 3” thick and ~30” long. Never colored or treated. The first 6” or so of hair is a darker blonde at the roots with golden highlights which fades into a light blonde at the bottom with a natural rose gold tint to it.

Color: chestnut blonde with natural highlights and lowlights of blush, caramel and gold with strawberry blonde undertones.

Texture: Hairs are very fine and 1/2a/2b. Slight waves that show more after deep conditioning. Holds a natural crimped look well if braided when slightly damp and allowed to dry completely in the braid prior to taking out.

Hair care routine:
Wash hair every 3-4 days with a natural shampoo to promote exfoliation for optimal scalp health.
Use room temp water and a cold rinse to avoid stripping the natural oils and to help seal off the hair cuticle tip to prevent split ends.
Air dry only with no heat treatment.
Brush hair only when completely dry with a wooden boar bristle brush.
Deep conditioning treatment with cold pressed coconut oil, castor oil, rosehip seed oil or extra virgin first cold pressed olive oil 1-2x/week.
Keep hair up in a loose braid or low bun to avoid tangles, hair damage or stress on hair roots.
Trim every 2-3 months to get rid of any split ends.

Consume 8-12 cups of water per day.
Minimal processed foods, primarily eating more dark greens, seafood and whole grains.
Supplement with multivitamin, vitamin D and fish oil.

Hair Sale Details:
Planning to get a buzz cut to remove all hair once sold. Will have hair sectioned and prepared for shipment per buyer’s request. Will not cut for shipment until after payment has been processed.

List Price: $3000 for the entire length or best offer.
Contact me for any inquiries or questions.
Payment accepted through PayPal only.
Will ship via USPS or UPS unless buyer requests otherwise.