31″ Virgin Healthy Ecuadorian Wavy Dark Brown Hair – 3.5″ thickness – 18 year old Latina

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Zip/Postal Code170157
Hair LengthsOver 24 Inches
Hair TypeBrazilian Hair, European Hair
Colors AvailableBrown, Chestnut

Contact ana.inquiries.vp@gmail.com
Perfect Care. 3.5-inch thickness – 18-year-old Latina – 31inch Healthy Ecuadorian Medium to Dark Brown Wavy Hair

My hair is naturally shiny, incredibly soft, and well preserved. I get compliments on my hair every single day! By strangers and family and friends.
My hair is dark brown, however, like the first picture, when put in the sun the hair is lightened to a beautiful light brown (even chestnut look, mostly the bottom half). There are no effects or edits used in my pictures and my hair is completely virgin.
My hair is also very resistant, and while I rarely do hairstyles, it looks beautiful in long french braids (as I used it in my graduation) and any hairstyle. Easily styled.

I have been growing my hair for almost 2 years. Having my ends cut every 3 to 4 months (The last time I cut them was 3 weeks ago, the pictures shown were taken yesterday). Washed ONCE to TWICE A WEEK with SODIUM FREE, NATURAL SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER.
Virgin hair.
NO HEAT used while growing it out (to straighten or curl).
Perfect care, no tight hairstyles, brushed carefully. Washed with cold water.
Shampoo: 100% free of sodium. 3 kinds of shampoo used: 1st made of avocado, 2nd made of chamomile, 3rd one 100% natural made in Ecuador – artisan solid shampoo containing: Jojoba Oil and Tea Tree. No salt or any sodium in any of the shampoos.
Conditioner Used: 100% Sodium free in the entire hair growing period. Used only avocado-based conditioners, from the half of my hair down, washed out with cold water.
I only need to wash my hair once a week, very rarely twice a week. The first 4 to 5 days it looks like I washed it the same day or the day before!

Healthy Diet, no smoking, drugs, or drinking. I drink plenty of water every day.
No harsh chemicals or products have been used in my hair, neither my diet nor skincare.

The care I’ve had with my hair this entire time gives my hair the worth it has.

Communicate to ana.inquiries.vp@gmail.com for any inquires or questions. Answers immediately.
Payment through PayPal only.

NOTE: the measuring tape in the picture is in cms (centimeters). And it is a bit longer when correctly measured (hair straight).