9” Honey-brown hair, natural color



Additional Info

CountryUnited States
Zip/Postal Code84770
Hair LengthsUnder 10 Inches
Hair TypeEuropean Hair
Colors AvailableBrown

No dye or color at all. It’s on the border of brown and blonde, especially the part that’s cut off since it’s more sun bleached, so kind of a dark honey. No smoking (I rarely even encounter smoking while out and about; I live in a clean city). I washed it usually around every 3-5 days, often without conditioner but with a leave-in conditioner or products applied while wet to keep it from getting dry or too frizzy. I did blow dry about once every couple weeks (usually air dried) and rarely used a curling or straightening iron, but whenever applying a dryer or iron used I heat protection.

I’m not sure what exactly qualifies as straight. My hair has a slight wave but is really pretty much straight. I got it cut a few days ago. (I didn’t know you’re supposed to wait, it’s my first time selling, also just fyi it was washed and completely dried by the salon.) It’s been in a bag so in the picture it’s got a curve.

From my repeated measurements, the thickness is really around 4” and length up to 10-11”, but this is my first time selling so I’m rounding down to make sure I’m not getting it wrong. If you want it, let me know soon, otherwise I’ll send it in to a donation place to use or sell. Thanks 🙂