Beautiful long white virgin hair – some grey



Additional Info

Hair Length (Inches)14" (est)
Hair Thickness1.5 Inches Thick
Hair ColourWhite / Grey
Hair EthnicityCaucasian
Hair Texture TypeWavy
Hair to be Cut byHair Salon/Professional, Buyer can Cut
Hair Weightunk
CountryUnited States
Zip/Postal Code92252

While my hair was very dark when younger, hairdressers have always complimented me for thickness, body and ability to do what ever we wanted. While bristly in the early days of turning white, now it’s texture feels similar to when young. Generally wash my hair 2 x/wk. Used high-end shampoo purchased at the salon 47 of past 60 years. Past 3 years use mod/high quality shampoo for grey/white hair that I pick up locally. Haven’t blown dried it since the 70’s. No coloring for >30 years. It’s always been wavy with many encouraging me to do “more” due to being easy to work with. While long, I wear it pulled back; using headband early on and more recently in ponytail or one braid. I’ve worn it shoulder length/shorter most of the past 25 years.(Included picture to show natural behavior when short. Hairdressers still comment due to it’s thickness and natural curl . I give credit to my Irish heritage for the curls/waves seen. Last haircut was May 2021.

In general I live a simple life in rural Southern CA. Grew up in the midwest and lived in OR/CA past 35+
years. I’m health minded and have worked professionally in the area of health/fitness x 40+ years. Eat healthy. No cigarettes. Alcohol