Bolivian/Peruvian Dark mixed with blond hair (from balayage last year)

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CountryUnited States
Zip/Postal Code08527
Hair Lengths14 inches
Hair TypePeruvian Hair
Colors AvailableBlack

Hi I’m Bolivian/Peruvian with straight dark hair. My hair went through a balayage last year. I use Viori shampoo and conditioner bars because it’s done wonders for my hair and natural. 4” thick and 14” long. I only use 2 hair treatments seen in the last pic! I wash my hair every other day and I air dry it and brush with wide tooth wooden comb. I’m not sure if this is any helpful information in getting to know my hair but I massage my scalp every night not just because it’s relaxing (haha) but I heard it helps with hair health.

Last photo is a pic of my hair right after using my hair serum etc

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