Healthy Virgin Untreated White/Gray Slightly Wavy 22 inches Long Hair



Additional Info

Hair Length (Inches)22
Hair Thickness3 Inches Thick
Hair ColourWhite / Grey
Hair EthnicityCaucasian
Hair Texture TypeWavy
CountryUnited States
Zip/Postal Code99212

Listing features 22″ x 3.25 ” healthy virgin with shades of white and gray hair. From European descent. Even though I have fine hair I’ve had several stylists state that I have lots of strands to work/deal with.

Hair Texture:
Soft and silky that has a natural shine. There is a slight wave.

Non-smoker and not around smokers. Only non-alcoholic drinks and lots of water daily. No medication or drugs.
Diet is vegetarian.

Care Routine:
Washed once a week with sulfate free Wen’s cleansing (stay in) conditioner. Have Wen’s treatment oil sit 30 plus minutes before washing and add a dropper full after stay-in conditioner after shower. Also after shower add Wen’s styling creme for additional protection to hair. Will add Wen’s Replenishing Treatment Mist during week especially when weather is dry, sometimes organic rose water for a change. I only use a wide comb when wet. Only air-dried. Completely untreated: no heat from blow drying or ironing, no dyes/coloring, no bleach, no highlighting, don’t need straightening, no perms or other chemicals. I have an icon water filter in the shower to remove chlorine and chemicals from the water. When dry I use wide comb or wooden natural bristles brush. Hair is worn loose and clipped at forehead to keep hair off face or braided or tied back with scrunchies.

I plan on cutting my hair myself (have cut my own hair for most of my life) with professional hair cutting scissors allowing enough hair length to be able to pull hair back and hold in a scrunchie (I measured from that point), in bunches wrapped with silicone bands. But am open to negotiate for professional hair salon for the additional cost of the pro cut to be added.

Price USD $450 Buyer, as I have no idea where in the world the buyer is, chooses method of shipment and is to pay for shipping and handling Which needs to include insurance and proof of delivery.

Only accepting payment through PayPal. I’ll not accept money orders or cashier checks, etc.