Mexican curly virgin hair 26 inches

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Hair Length (Inches)26
Hair Thickness4 Inches Thick
Hair ColourBlack
Hair EthnicityOther
Hair Texture TypeCurly
Hair to be Cut byHair Salon/Professional
Zip/Postal Code76113

100% virgin curly hair, never ironed, never bleached or dyed, I don’t use tumble dryers, hair is only air-dried. my care routines are washed one day, one day not and I use natural oils such as olive, coconut, almond and castor oil (my favorite) and I also use tonics that I myself make with natural herbs. I wash my hair with oil and hyaluronic acid shampoo and use conditioner so that it does not become too fluffy and thus it remains very nice and manageable, I do not drink or smoke (I hate it), I also eat healthily, my intention is to sell the 26 inches of hair that is up to the neck (as seen in the photos) but if there is a very good offer to sell it all, I can consider it, something very clear, first payment is received and then the hair is cut and sent, type of shipping that will be used: dhl, ups or the one preferred by the buyer (the shipment will be paid by the buyer) and type of payment: paypal, bitcoin ect I will decide this at the moment because it depends on the final price, a part I will prefer in bitcoin, rest assured that you will be buying a very well-groomed and healthy hair and not at all abused. what is measured was 26 inches but it may be a little more because the hair is curly it rises and when it is wet it reaches below my hips, the thickness is 4 inches.