10-15 inch blonde/brown dreadlocks for sale (91 locks)

$1,000 (or best)


Additional Info

Hair Length (Inches)10-15 (average length 11/12 inches)
Hair Thickness6+ Inches Thick
Hair ColourBlonde
Hair EthnicityAfrican
Hair Texture TypeCurly, Kinky
Hair to be Cut byAlready Cut
Hair Weight233 grams
Zip/Postal Code2303

(Selling 91 dreadlocks)
Hello friends
I’m selling my beloved locs.
Im half African-American living in Australia. I grew up always wanting locks like my mother and her mother before her. My friend whos passion is making locks spent over 100+ hours as mostly a labour of love to give this gift of the hair of my dreams the wings to manifest into a reality. I spent over 2,000 on this project between sourcing the hair all 100% ethically from people selling their hair on hairsellon because i WILL NOT support the horrors of the hair industry. I also ensured everyone i bout hair from was vegan as i am too and wanted t ensure the hair on my head was healthy and ethical (and of coarse clean!) It took mooooonths of sessions to install. Through this time I moved cities, did a yoga teacher training that changed my life, quit my job, bought a caravan and picked up surfing and forest activism fighting to protect native old growth trees and I was almost at the very end of the lock journey when I decided to cut off my hair. I decided they no longer suit my lifestyle anymore. I had been washing my hair weekly and keeping it nice and protected but Ive grown too wild. It wasn’t long into my re-wilding journey that I decided the hair couldn’t go on this journey with me. I certainly didn’t expect that my life would take this epic turn but I’m going with the flow and embracing the new me. I hope that the next person that wears this on their head wears it is as a crown into the next chapter in their life, whatever that may look like for you. May it lead you into the ultimate fulfilment of your dreams, manifesting into reality.

I did 2 rounds of deep cleans with the dreadhead soap and hot water and then shampoo’d it so it smells like doll hair and is nice and clean. I wanted a lot of locks on my head but honestly i think it was overkill. If I did it again i would have spaced it out more so i had less locks on my head because I didn’t realise how thick they’d be! There is most definitely a full head of locks here but I’m also offering up a parcel of my boyfriends hair which he just cut recently too (he’s vegan) incase anyone who buys this wants a bit more hair to play with to add more locks or lengthen the hair thats here a bit. You would need to get it dyed as it is a bit darker than the rest of the hair, but it is an option. You can with a loctician as i did or with a crochet needle.

Let me know if you have any questions.
I could move down on price a little bit but If you have the money, I would appreciate keeping as close to original price as possible as it took a lot of my money and time to create these beauties and realistically I am very much in need of the money now that I’m dedicating my life to conservation and protecting native forests in direct actions due to the world being in a climate emergency! I’m going up against government to do so which incurs hefty fines so I would really appreciate the support to keep food in my belly and my activism going to save our precious flora and endangered fauna for the sake of our dying planet!

Thanks for reading. Hope to speak soon 😉