Shiny Black 18″ (braided length) Virgin Hair



Additional Info

Hair Length (Inches)18" braided
Hair Thickness3 Inches Thick
Hair ColourBlack
Hair EthnicityAsian
Hair Texture TypeStraight
Hair to be Cut byAlready Cut
CountryUnited States
Zip/Postal Code95623

Hello, thank you for considering buying my hair. I have 18 inches of braided hair that was cut on 10/26/2022. My hair was cut to a single length (no layers) in spring of 2021 and then grown out. Prior to cutting, I placed it in a pony tail towards the back of my head, braided it to keep it together, and then it was cut by a retired professional hair dresser. Hair was immediately placed and sealed in a ziplock bag after it was cut. Due to putting it up in a ponytail before cutting, there are a few different lengths in the braid. You can reference the photo with the measuring tape to see the max length of 18″ while braided. I don’t have an exact measurement for an unbraided length but it would add a few inches.

My hair is pure virgin hair. It has never been dyed or colored. I wash it a few times per week and have always used natural shampoo/conditioner products, currently Whole Foods 365 brand. I air dry my hair and do not use a curling iron. I do not use any hairspray or any other hair products. I get a lot of compliments on how shiny my hair is! In the sun, my hair can appear to have a natural brownish tint as seen in the photos. The photos show some slight waves in my hair from it being up in a bun. But it is dead straight if I let it dry hanging down after washing, and shiny and smooth when dry. I have not seen any split ends in my hair. Hair is not light and wispy. I consider it moderately thick and with some weight.

I exercise multiple times per week and have a healthy diet. I am a non-smoker and have lived in a non-smoking house. I also do not drink alcohol or use any drugs.

I will only accept Zelle, Venmo (US only) or PayPal as methods of payment. I will not send hair until payment is fully received and is no longer pending.

Thank you for considering my hair! I hope that you will choose it for your purchase 🙂