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Hair Killers & How to Avoid Them

HairSellon Blog July 3, 2012

For anyone looking to sell their hair, keeping it in optimum condition is crucial towards maximising it’s worth. Read on to find out about the biggest hair killers and damaging factors that might be reducing your hairs’ value, and how best to avoid them…

The Biggest Hair Killers

No we’re not talking about hair dressers! Of course your hair is already dead, but what lifestyle choices might be damaging your hair, and what do you need to avoid in order to keep your hair looking at it’s best.

The world in which our hair lives is a surprisingly hostile environment, with so many damaging factors that hair is unwittingly exposed to on a daily basis…

Your diet is reflected in your hair and as such people with healthier diets will naturally have better hair. The right amount of vitamins and minerals are an essential component to beautiful hair, as such there are supplements available for people who are not getting the right balance. There are a few foods and drinks that are worth avoiding or limiting (such as caffeine), as these will be unbeneficial to your hair. It is particularly advisable to avoid nicotine and smoking as this has been scientifically proven to proliferate hair loss and encourage the onset of grey hairs.

Physical condition, sleeping
Similarly to your diet, your physical condition is reflected in your hair. The best products and hair professionals won’t be able to save your locks if your body is in poor condition physically. Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle (including good sleep patterns) will make a huge impact on the quality and health of your hair.

Hair Treatments
This is fairly obvious but unfortunately for some of us, unavoidable. Ironing and curling involves burning your hair between two hot plates and it doesn’t take a Trichologist to figure out the serious damage this can cause, making hair dry and brittle. Blow-drying with heat can cause similar damage. When using these treatments on your hair always use a heat protectant in your hair, and make sure you towel dry hair thoroughly before blow-drying.
For some of us these are everyday activities, but there are less regular treatments such as dying hair, particularly bleaching which can cause even more damage. People who Buy Hair most often do not want hair that has undergone dying treatments.

Sun & Saltwater~ A Deadly Combination

The sun can damage your hair. Ultraviolet rays can damage the protein bonds that make up hair. The lighter the colour, and the more chemically treated hair is the more it will be damaged.
Saltwater must be thoroughly washed out, and the same goes for chlorine if you are a swimmer. The combination of sun and sea is highly damaging and will dry hair out. It’s worth wearing a hat to hide your hair from the sun if you’re a beach dweller.

If you have any hair health tips, or any hair damaging factors you’d like to mention, please add them in the comments below…

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2 Responses to “Hair Killers & How to Avoid Them”

  1. It’s not a scam. If it doesn’t work for you then they’ll give you your money back. If they don’t think it will work for you, even a little bit, then they won’t start you on the prragom so clearly since you’ve already started, they think it will work. And it does work! I have very severe hair loss, especially for someone my age so I was hoping to have a lot more hair at this point but I will need a 2nd year. My 60 yr old dad went on the prragom and has more hair after his 1st yr than me

    • That said, if you have so much as one new hair and they can prove it with their little close-up cmreaa, I’ve been told that you can forget about getting your money back. I can’t prove that myself because I have a lot more hair than before and don’t need a refund, but it’s a popular opinion

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