What is Virgin Hair?

There are several members on HairSellon selling Virgin Hair but for many there is still some confusion over what exactly classifies as virgin hair. It’s one of the most important aspects to consider for people looking to buy hair, and has a huge impact on overall hair value, so what exactly is virgin hair…?

Virgin Hair is hair that has:

  • Not Been Chemically Treated – including dyed, bleached or coloured
  • Not Been Straightened, Curled, ironed, blow dried, permed etc
  • Undamaged Hair cuticles

If hair has undergone any of these treatments in the past but has grown out (usually a several year process), the regrowth qualifies as virgin hair. However, this is not case for the highest quality virgin hair which should never (even in previous years) have been subjected to the above or…

  • Have Been – Exposed to detriments such as drugs or cigarette smoke
  • Have Had Work – such as extensions or weaves done which can damage hair
  • Have been subjected to any unnatural treatments
  • Importantly the hair cuticles must been intact, and run consistently in the same direction

Whether hair can be classified as virgin or not makes a huge difference to the overall value. You can test out a couple of cases for yourself on the Hair Calculator and you’ll see the difference.
When Posting your hair Ad on HairSellon we urge you to be as open and honest as possible in your description of the quality of hair and whether it can be branded as virgin. Buyers will know the difference when they see your hair and will pursue an entitled refund if necessary.

October 16, 2012 17:42

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