Why Do People Buy Hair?

One of the most common questions people ask when they discover HairSellon is why do people buy hair?

Many people are often amazed to discover that such an active human hair marketplace exists, but when you explain the reasons behind why people and businesses Buy Hair, what may seem an initally strange idea becomes an obvious neccesity…

Human hair is used for all sorts of things from cleaning up oil spills to adorning the head of many famous actors in films. Yes that’s right, if you sell your hair on HairSellon it could very well be gaining a celebrity status in Hollywood not long after!

Of course there are less glamourous but just as important reasons why hair is purchased throughout the world. As mentioned the natural properties of hair lend itself to fullfilling some tasks such as soaking up oil from spills due to it’s absorbent qualities, and it’s use in science and art is also extensive.

However much of the hair purchased on HairSellon is bought by beauticians and goes towards creating wigs and extensions. Some of these wigs go on to claim celebrity status as mentioned, but many play an important role in helping people with hair loss and making people feel more confident about themselves.

So not only can you benefit in a financial way, but your hair can go on to make a real beneficial difference to someones life.

You might not think it (particualrly if you have a headfull!), but hair is a scarce commodity. Particular traits and colours in hair are becoming difficult to come by (such as the increasingly rare blonde gene), and it’s this scarcity that creates serious hair value with some sales running into thousands of dollars.

Prices and desire for hair fluctuate regularly. Find out how much your hair could be worth with our hair calculator and get your hair selling now!

June 14, 2013 19:05

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