$37,000 for Willie Nelson’s Hair!

Willie Nelson’s hair braids have been sold at an exclusive auction in Phoenix, Arizona for $37,000!

The auction took place during the estate sale of late country singer song-writer Waylon Jennings who died in 2002.
Nelson reportedly presented the braids as a strange gift to Waylon Jennings during a party thrown by June and Johnny Cash to celebrate his sobriety in 1983.

The lucky buyer of the braids has not been disclosed, and the hair itself was just one of thousands of items on sale, with other lots including Buddy Holly’s motorcycle, Muhammad Ali’s boxing mits, handwritten lyrics from the singer and a personal letter sent to Jenkins from John Lennon.

Willie Nelson’s hair joins the list of celebrities who have sold locks of their hair along with Elvis, Mick Jagger, Justin Bieber, John Lennon and many more.

October 14, 2014 14:35

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