18″ virgin red-chestnut hair, organic, non-smoking & healthy



Additional Info

Hair Length (Inches)18+
Hair Thickness4.5 Inches Thick
Hair ColourChestnut
Hair EthnicityCaucasian
Hair Texture TypeStraight, Wavy
Hair to be Cut byHair Salon/Professional, Buyer can Cut
CountryUnited States
Zip/Postal Code93010

Never coloured, excessively heated (no curlers, straighteners or other equipment) or chemical-treated. Blow-dried only after styling cuts (every 12-18 mths). Has been recently trimmed to remove split ends. Open to offers over $400 plus shipping. Hair calculator estimate is $425-500 based on chestnut coloration and ~$700 with red.

We consume a nearly 100% organic diet on our own pasture-raised meats with lots of fats and organ meats, and diverse veggies, fruits, and herbs. Limited caffeine and alcohol (2-4x per month). We swim occasionally but rinse well and condition afterwards; very limited sun or chlorine exposure as it’s nearly always braided, wrapped up or in a hat. I shampoo approx. 1-3x per week with a very mild liquid soap (unscented Dr. Bronner’s) and condition then cold-rinse for the last 2.5 years.

My birth colour is red but over the years (I’m now 42) it has faded a little to a rich reddish chestnut. There are TONS of vibrant highlights from reddish-blonde to chestnut brown with red in the middle.

My hair has been jokingly referred to as a “ship’s rope” and is both thick and coarse. It will be cut according to buyer’s requests after payment is received, by a licensed and experienced beautician to her estimated length of 18″ (plus tips to ~20″).

PayPal or Wise (by request link) preferred as payment. Shipping will depend on destination but USPS (registered), FedEx or UPS are preferred.