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10″ natural wavy auburn hair

Naturally wavy virgin hair, recently trimmed. I have had no heat or chemical treatments in my hair, the most I’ve experimented with using some of […]
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Red Virgin16 inches Thickness 4 inches

Thick, strong, virgin Red hair! Washed every other day, no heat or sulfates applied. Smoke free environment. Contains natural honey highlights.
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$500 US

22 Inches of Auburn hair

17yo wanting to sell 22 inches stunningly rich auburn hair to donate proceeds towards cancer in honour of uncle. Hair has never been dyed or […]
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7-10 inch dirty blonde hair

7-10 inches of virgin hair (length in a range as my hair was layered). I lead a healthy, active lifestyle and only use heat on […]
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18” of virgin red hair

Looking to sell 18” of wavy red hair. It has never been dyed or chemically treated. Has not been exposed to heat tools or blow […]
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Virgin wavy brown hair 22″

22″ Long wavy brown hair. Virgin hair washed 2-3 times a week. I am mixed race Caucasian and Chinese. I am 6’8 so the hair […]
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Lots of red hair

Virgin red hair, barley used any heat on it, obsessive hair care routine. I cut this hair off a year ago now and I am […]
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