I recently cut my hair and have two pony tails 12″ in length and 3″ in width. I have never dyed my hair so its […]
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Virgin Auburn Hair 13″

DETAILS:virgin hair, auburn 13″ never died, never highlighted, never permed, never heat treated, CARE: only rarely blown dry, no regular use of products, washed once […]
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Long natural red hair

Long, wavy, thick natural red hair for sale. Never ironed or dried with hair-drier. Washed with organic products twice per week. In good condition, strong […]
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Virgin Blonde Hair 10 in

I use Acure hair products, deep condition with coconut oil, and use protective hairstyles such as braids. I also use Schwarzkopf BC Repair Rescue on […]
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Natural Blondish Hair

Good quality of hair, because I don’t smoke and have a healthy lifestyle, Washing them by shampoo treated with conditioner once or twice during the […]
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