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Mature Red Hair 12 inches

I was born with red hair that everyone always told me “ladies would pay good money for that color”. Until recently, I never thought of […]
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Healthy Blonde Hair

I wash my hair two to three times a week and often keep it braided back. I use a hot iron only once or twice […]
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Beautiful Hispanic virgin hair

Beautiful auburn hair. 3 inches thick at widest part. Always braided. Father is Hispanic and has black hair, mother is white and has blonde hair. […]
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17″ Wavy Dirty Blonde Virgin Hair

No heat damage (I don’t straighten or blow dry), drip dry every time, washed, deep conditioned, and also brushed once a week with shea moisture […]
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Dark Brown hair almost black

Hair is dark brown in the light but almost black in color. Virgin hair, no heat used from any device. Nonsmoker. Wash 4 times a […]
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16 inch virgin red hair

**PRICE DROP** Natural virgin red hair, always receiving compliments from strangers. Never heat treated. Washed once every 1-2 weeks Quit smoking when hair was still […]
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15″ Virgin Wavy 4.5″ Thick Dark Red Hair

15 inches of 4.5″ thick gorgeous virgin dark red hair with auburn & strawberry/blonde tones. NEVER heat-treated, colored, or chemically treated in any way. Washed/conditioned […]
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