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HairSellon offers the best opportunity for you to sell and get maximum value for your hair, along with passionate customer service.

How? We may look similar but we are different to all the other hair trade marketplaces in the way we operate. Just look at the number of sales happening on HairSellon compared to other sites. You can see sales on the right hand side of the HomePage This is why we often have customers selling on HairSellon after they have wasted their money failing to sell on other hair trade websites.

Here’s what our sellers say:

What People are Saying about HairSellOn?

This was a really fun experience. I am in college and was able to sell my hair for more than twice what I listed it for just over Christmas break! Hair Sold for $4000 | Advert: Brown/Auburn Hair – SOLD

Lightning fast sale – very pleased, quick payment, no issues. helped me achieve a bucket list item – to sell hair and donate proceeds to charity. Done deal. Thank you very much. Hair Sold for $140 | Advert: 8 inches of Auburn Hair – SOLD!

Everything’s been great! I received several offers within 10 days of posting the ad, and ended up selling my hair for the price I was asking for! Hair Sold for $300 | Advert: Wavy Golden Brown Virgin Hair with Natural Highlights – SOLD!!!

The buyer kept the promise to pay quickly and the same day. I shipped my hair the same day and they should have it a few days. Hair Sold for $200 | Advert: Brown/Auburn Hair – SOLD

Very easy, I had multiple offers within 24 hours of posting my ad. Buyer was very professional and made the entire process very pleasant. Hair Sold for $550 | Advert: Brown/Auburn Hair – SOLD!

Sold my hair for the price I have asked! the buyer got very happy! Very good deal this website Hair Sold for $330 | Advert: Hair – SOLD!

Kenny is very trustworthy and gave me the cash as I sat in his chair. He let my sister and I count it before he cut. I live in PA and he is from Harrisburg, PA . No problems- I like my buzz cut. Hair Sold for $1500 | Advert: Virgin Brunnette Hair – SOLD!

At first, I thought there may be scammers and frauds but I sold it in 1 week to a real buyer! No problems 🙂 Hair Sold for $105 | Advert: 10 Inches Brown Hair – SOLD!

Awesome buyer, very nice and understanding when my responses were somewhat delayed by circumstances beyond my control. Tremendous experience, thanks to Hairsellon and a great buyer. Hair Sold for $275

This worked out great.
Hair Sold for: $375

Hairsellon worked great for me. Within a day of posting my ad I had a number of serious inquiries, and ended up selling my hair to a buyer who was willing to go $200 above my advertised price and pay up-front so I could go into my haircut knowing everything was above-board. Hair Sold for $700

I have sold it to Hair Couture Desings located in California, USA. They make wigs for kids, and I think that is a very beautiful cause. They have paid me half of my asking price and also they have paid for shipping. I know that my hair went to good hands and good heads 🙂 Very pleased with this site also and thank you HairSellon for finding a buyer for my hair. I give this site an A+, and buyer a B because of slow response to my emails. Would definately use this site again 🙂 Hair Sold for $200

Had several people contact me for more information. Overall good experience. Hair Sold for $300

This process could not have been easier. Take some pictures, put up the ad, and then within the hour I had offers. I was able to weigh several offers, and ended up with much more than I asked for initially. The hair price calculator was helpful, but a few potential buyers said I had undervalued it. I bumped the price up – I was happy to see I could edit the ad even after it was live, nice touch – and got even more than that. Probably not a typical experience, but who cares! I’m super happy. Scammers are easy to spot if you have any experience selling anything at all on the internet, and dealing with creeps is as simple as blocking them. Very positive experience overall. Hair Sold for $600

After having two people tell me they Wanted the Hair, and then FAIL to FOLLOW through, I did get a sincere buyer who was a pleasure to deal with. She lives in S. America. Hair Sold for $550

I tried to sell my daughters hair to Bloomsbury wig makers but they said it wasnt any use to them. So I found the hairsellon site on the internet and it they had a section you can use to value you hair before you post an ad it was a very reasonable fee to post the ad and within an hour I was contacted by a lady in Scotland who made me an offer for the hair. I found the site to be very easy to use and full of information and if the chance ever arose again I would definitely use them. 5 stars a very happy customer. Hair Sold for $220

Had several people contact me for more information. Overall good experience. Hair Sold for $300

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