Selling Hair For Charity – Intelligent Fundrasing Guide

Unfortunately we have had to put a halt to charity sales for now. Of course you can still run your own private charity sale.

From the moment HairSellon was launched there has been a strong desire to do our part for charity, specifically aiding organisations who help children suffering from serious illnesses such as cancer or leukaemia.

Charity forms part of the core spine of HairSellon’s creation and ambitions going forward…   (Luke, Director of HairSellon)

Along with promoting charity hair sales, HairSellon presently supports the Little Princess Trust, which is a children’s charity providing wigs for children suffering from cancer and other conditions that can cause hair loss. As HairSellon expands we hope to incorporate and benefit a multitude of charities and organisations dealing with similar issues.

Read about our charity hair sale success stories or find out how to do your own charity hair sale below…

How to do a Charity Hair Sale?

To make charity hair sales as easy as possible we’ve kept the process simple.
Please remember we can only support registered official charities/organisations. We cannot endorse private/personal fundraising.

Instructions for Sellers

  1. Click the ‘Post an Ad’ button on the right-handside of the main website menu above.
    Alternatively Click Here »
  2. Follow the instructions to create your listing as normal, but make sure you make it clear that it is a charity listing. Mention this in the Ad Title
  3. Towards the end of the listing process, you’ll find the opportunity to add a Coupon Code. Add code: charity1 and the listing fee will be waived.
    (Please Note: This will not work on featured listings)
  4. In normal cases proceeds are paid straight from buyer to the seller on HairSellon. However, in the case of charity sales proceeds are paid to HairSellon who will donate the funds on your behalf to the charity of your choice.
  5. Please do not cut or post your hair until HairSellon tells you to do so after payment has cleared.
  6. Once you’ve found a buyer contact HairSellon with their details. The buyer will pay HairSellon directly and HairSellon will give you the go-ahead to post your hair.
  7. You must use a delivery system that uses tracking and provides proof of delivery. See here for examples
  8. Once the Buyer receives and confirms they are happy with the hair you will be reimbursed postage and packaging costs, and the money will be donated on your behalf to a charity of your choice.

Instructions for Buyers

  1. Contact the hair seller in the usual way via the contact box on the right of their advert
  2. The hair seller will inform HairSellon once they find a buyer at which point we will contact you (the buyer) directly.
  3. In charity sales the buyer pays HairSellon directly as oppose to the seller, after which the seller sends the hair to the desired address.
  4. Finally the buyer must inform HairSellon when they receive the hair.
  5. HairSellon would like to take this moment to thank any buyers who support our charity hair sales.


Selling Your Hair for Charity

Selling your hair is a fantastic way for you to do your bit for charity…(Luke, Director of HairSellon)

We believe selling hair is one of the best ways to raise money for charities. It’s fun, effortless and can make a significant contribution towards your desired cause, so if you’ve got some hair to sell don’t hesitate List it Now »

If you run a charity or organisation and would like to get involved, or are an individual on a fundraising campaign, we’d love to hear from you so please Contact Us »

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