Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Sell My Hair
1. Register for a Free Account
2. Click Post an Ad in the top right and follow the simple listing instructions
3. Wait for buyers to make you an offer!

Where is HairSellon based?
HairSellon operates as a global online marketplace, we do not have a physical store. This allows you to achieve maximum selling prices for your hair with offers from different buyers from all over the world. It allows us to offer round the clock support.

Why sell on HairSellon?
We may look the same but HairSellon is different to all the other hair trade marketplaces in the way we operate. Just look at the number of sales happening on HairSellon compared to other sites. You can see sales on the right hand side of the HomePage This is why we often have customers selling on HairSellon after they have wasted their money failing to sell on other hair trade websites.

What Types of Hair Can be Sold?
Any type of hair from dreadlocks to memorabilia and everything inbetween!
We do generally suggest that hair should be over 5 inches long.

Can I sell from another country?
HairSellon is a global marketplace, meaning you can sell your hair from any country, wherever you are in world.
We have buyers and sellers from all over the world including the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Can you sell Male or just Female hair?
You can sell the hair regardless of gender. While female hair is probably the most commonly bought and sold, this is because it is the most available. Male hair can be more desirable and sometimes fetch a higher price as here is less of it.

I’m having problems paying for my advert?
Once your advert is created you should be directed to the PayPal payment page automatically. Alternatively you can pay from: Your Dashboard by clicking the ‘Pay Now‘ link or using the option below:

Advert Listing Options

If you are still unable to pay we will send a direct invoice to your email address: Send Payment Request

Does HairSellon Take a Commission Fee?
No, HairSellon does not take a commission fee.

How do I measure hair thickness?
This is the thickness/circumference of hair when clumped. Wrap the hair in a ponytail and take the measurement just beneath the hair band.
Showing how to measure hair thickness


How Do I contact a Seller?
You must register first: Register » and then add a Buyer Membership to your profile.
You can then contact the seller through the contact box on their advert page.

How Do I cancel my Buyer Membership?
Make sure you are logged in and head to:
Cancel Membership. Please know cancelling takes place with immediate effect.

A Seller Has Requested more Photos – is this OK?
Yes, but always upload them to your listing on HairSellon, do not send photos to buyers directly.

How Do I Manage or edit my Advert Listing Details?
You can edit your advert my logging in and heading to your dashboard:
From there click the plus icon next to the listing in your dashboard. You will see a dropdown with the option to edit the listing.

In this example, the plus button (+) to edit ad details is next to the listing views count. (22)

How Do I Mark my Advert As Sold?
Make sure you’re logged in and head to your dashboard:
From there you can click the option next to your listing to mark your ad as sold.

Should I include my email address in the advert details?
No. HairSellon Seller Protection is redundant if you put your email address in the description as the email address will be visible to anyone who visits the site, and not limited to our Certified Buyers.

How Do I Upgrade my listing to a Featured Advert?
You can upgrade your listing from a standard to a featured advert by clicking the PayPal Buy Now option below:

If for any reason the form above doesn’t work you can request an upgrade through the Contact Form and we will send you an invoice directly.

How Do I Change my Advert Category?
If you need to change the category your currently listed in please make a request through our Contact Form

My Lifetime Listing Advert has expired, what do I do now?
If you purchased a Lifetime listing advert which has been running for 3 months and haven’t sold your hair, simply drop us an email asking for the advert to be relisted.

This allows us to pop the advert back to the top of the listings after three months, and also means advertising space is not used up by sellers who have already sold their hair.

A Fair use Policy of up to 9 months listing time applies to lifetime listings.

If you need did not purchase a lifetime listing and your advert has expired, you will need to purchase another advert listing pack.

How will buyers contact me?
Contact from buyers will go directly to the inbox of the email account you signed up with. It is always worth checking the spam folder just in case mail gets directed there.

How should I ask for payment?
Ask to be paid through PayPal.
You can send an invoice from your PayPal account directly to the buyer’s email. Please see Requesting Payments through Paypal »

(Remember to login to your PayPal account directly to check for payment and not just rely on emails.

What should I do if someone offers to pay through Western Union, MoneyGram, Ukash or a cashier/certified check?
Ignore the email and report the username and email address of the buyer to us immediately by using our Contact Form

What should I do if someone asks for Video Evidence of the cut?
Generally we do not advise this procedure before payment has been received.
Of course you can offer this service after the money for the purchase has been received as proof of the cut.

How should I Post my Hair?
Always use a recorded and if possible insured postal method. This is so if there is any dispute with the buyer after purchase you have proof the item was sent and received. Please see: PayPal Seller Protection for more information.

Should I post Abroad?
It depends on the country but generally it is advised not to post abroad as it is not always covered by PayPal’s Seller protection and can be a sign of a fraudulent buyer. For more information please see: PayPal – Posting Abroad »

My child needs a haircut, can I sell their hair and how much is it worth?
Yes of course! Children’s hair is actually very desirable for buyers due to it’s quality and will often fetch a premium sum.

How does HairSellon’s Unique Buyer Protection Work?
HairSellon has been the biggest hair trade marketplace for several years with hundreds of buyers and sellers everyday. During this time we have monitored and implemented several unique security features and built a large base of trusted buyers.

Now all the buyers on this website have purchase history or pay to use the service meaning you’re only contacted by legitimate buyers unlike other hair selling sites.

We understand that selling hair is a personal experience and continue to build the safest community for our sellers.

What are the most important things to bear in mind when selling hair?

Never cut hair prior to payment received.
Ignore emails from people offering cashier/certified checks, western union, moneygram and report them to HairSellon ASAP.
Use PayPal for payments.
Never give out financial or personal information such as bank details and social security numbers.
Read the Website Safety & Scams Page and the How do I Sell my Hair Guide

What are the most important things to bear in mind when buying hair?
Never wire funds via Western Union, MoneyGram or other wire services.
Use PayPal for payments.
Never give out financial or personal information such as bank details and social security numbers.
Read the Website Safety & Scams Page and the How do I Buy Hair Guide