11 inches, dyed, red hair

11 inches of non-virgin red hair. This hair is incredibly healthy and resilient. It has been air dried mostly and washed only twice a week. […]
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Virgin red wavy hair – 20″

Never dyed, never heat-treated, washed 1-3 times a week. Non-smoker. Thick, luxurious virgin red hair with lots of natural highlights! As I have not yet […]
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$$750.00 OBO

16.5 inches of Virgin Red Hair

Hair has never been dyed or straightened. Do not smoke. Wash hair every 3-4 days. PayPal preffered. Ships via UPS
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$‘Open to Offers

15 inches of precut Red Hair

Hair was cut 6/6/19 pre shampooed with IGK sulfate free hydrating shampoos. Washed 1 per week using IGK or Aquage Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. […]
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15″ Virgin Red Hair

Virgin Red hair 15″ in length. Willing to buzz for the right price. No hair treatments, or smoking. Wash and condition regularly.
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50 Shades Of Red

Super thick and long red VIRGIN hair that ive been growing for about 7 years. I am 23 years old. NON-SMOKER. No heat or hair […]
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$Open to offers

Virgin red hair 18 inches

18 inches of natural red hair, already cut and ready to go. Non smoker and live in a smoke free household. Washed every 2-3 days […]
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17″ of thick wavy red hair

This is very healthy, virgin hair. The color depends on the light, but it ranges from a dark red in dim light to a shimmery […]
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$Open to Offers

8 Inches Virgin Red Hair

8 inches of virgin red hair cut professionally. Never died or treated, washed once a week with salon grade shampoo and conditioner, exposed to heat […]
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Beautiful Virgin Red Hair 16”

Beautiful virgin red hair with natural blonde highlights. 16” of naturally wavy well-maintained, non-smoker hair. Washed approximately 3 times a week, with no other products […]
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