Nice Strawberry Blonde/Red Hair

I have a 14″ long, semi-thick hair I cut off. It made a beautiful ponytail and I always got complimented on my hair and color. […]
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15 inches of Strawberry blonde hair

Thick Strawberry blonde hair measures closer to 3.25 inches. Hair is washed a couple times a week with paraben and sulphate free shampoos and conditioners. […]
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$250 OBO

Thick Red Virgin Hair 12-14.5″

Beautiful thick red virgin hair just cut Sept 25. A bright coppery red ginger with many slight colour variations/ shades from deep red, strawberry blonde, […]
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$450 OBO

Virgin Mermaid Red Hair 13 inches

I’m a non-smoker and try to live a healthy lifestyle (I eat a pescatarian/Mediterranean diet). I have never dyed or chemically treated my hair and […]
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Gorgeous Natural Red Curls

Beautiful long natural red curls. Nonsmoker. Wash every 7-10 days. Don’t ever heat treat or style with heat.
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