I recently cut my hair and have two pony tails 12″ in length and 3″ in width. I have never dyed my hair so its […]
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Long natural red hair

Long, wavy, thick natural red hair for sale. Never ironed or dried with hair-drier. Washed with organic products twice per week. In good condition, strong […]
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18 Inch Virgin Red Hair

Healthy 18 inch long, 3.5 inch thick, red virgin hair. I’ve been growing it out for a long time and have kept good care of […]
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12” Quality Untreated Red

Thanks for your interest in my hair. I will be cutting at least 12” of pony off at the salon on 8/8/19. I have never […]
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$600 / offer

Virgin RED hair

I have been told women would pay an arm for this color. The hair is many shades of red, but this is most noticeable in […]
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$300 OBO

12″ Gorgeous Red/Auburn Hair

Gorgeous virgin red/auburn hair, wavy and thick. My coloring is completely unique – rich and dark like cherry wood when wet or bunched together, lighter […]
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