Want to Sell Your Hair Free? – A Sellers Warning

If you use a website or service that allows you to sell your hair for free, you are almost guaranteed to lose profit with a lower selling price, and worse your personal and private information may not be safeguarded.

  • Services that allow you to sell your hair free are not regulated like HairSellon. They offer no image protection. There is no buyer/seller certification.
  • This means these websites and services are full of spammers, hackers and nefarious users who have free access to contact you, or abuse the images and information you upload to your free hair sale advert.
  • Unregulated sellers and adverts also mean legitimate hair ads on these websites sit alongside drug, gambling or sexually related adverts.
  • Unregulated buyers mean sellers can be subject to chargebacks and refunds which are out of their control, and ultimately leave them out of pocket.

So why sell your hair on HairSellon instead?

We’ve been in the business for a long time. In fact, when we first started we allowed users to sell their hair for free, but as HairSellon grew to become the largest online raw hair marketplace we realised both sellers and buyers need safeguards and protective measures put in place.

  • HairSellon Seller Protection: We verify and certify all our buyers.
  • HairSellon buyers are more confident and knowing you are a serious seller with a HairSellon listing. This means selling prices are higher because they don’t carry the risk that free hair selling services do (where unregulated and users can post anything).
  • Better listings, with better information helping buyers find
  • Importantly image and information protection (to stop your images or information being abused or used elsewhere).
  • Ultimately HairSellon has been designed so you can sell your hair in a safe way, for the most amount of money.

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Still want to Sell Your Hair Free?

If you still wish to sell your hair for free then we recommend using the service from HairSellOff.com

HairSellOff provides a risk-free way of selling your hair with a free listing, and buying system that provides both sellers and buyers with the right protection for safe payments and safeguarding of information and images.

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