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HairSellon is the biggest international marketplace for buying and selling hair putting individual sellers in direct contact with hair buyers. We walk you through the entire process with the aim for a fun, easy and fair experience for everyone.

Our unique Hair calculator Tool will quickly tell you how much your hair is worth and the How do I sell my Hair Guide will take you through the procedure of selling hair in the best way possible to maximise the sale value. This is particularly useful for people looking to sell hair for the first time.

If you are looking to buy human hair simply browse through the Categories above or the listings below, and if you need further advice visit our How to Buy Hair Guide or contact us.

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Classified Ads / Just Listed
Hailey Hair-2

$Open to Offers

12″ Straight Chestnut Hair from 11yo girl

Straight virgin hair of an 11-year-old girl. From a non-smoking family. Shampooed twice a week. Usually worn in pony tail or braids. Very healthy with little b...

50 total views, 50 today



12 in” of straight, thick, virgin, black hair

I am selling 12 inches of very, very healthy, virgin black hair. I am Filipino. My hair is straight, and I do not blow-dry or use any products or irons on it. P...

34 total views, 34 today




I'm an athletic 21 year old male. My hair is very thick and healthy. It's 9 inches of straight blonde hair. It has never been touched with products. The hair pr...

48 total views, 48 today



26″ to 27″ Brownish Black Virgin, yet to cut

Note: I will only accept paypal. I'm selling my 26" to 27" beautiful brownish black straight virgin hair, grown since 2008, between 3.5" to 4" thick yet ind...

133 total views, 96 today



healthy virgin dark blonde hair

Healthy, naturally straight virgin dark blonde hair. I recently got a trim (1-2inches) to get rid of any split ends. I have donated twice in the past and am loo...

85 total views, 64 today

Before cutting

$475 OBO

18.5″ Virgin Chestnut Brown Hair- Thick, Healthy

Approximately 3 years of growth, 2 of which with a vegetarian diet. Very rarely heat treated and often supplemented with organic coconut oil for added supplenes...

131 total views, 51 today


$500 OBO

Virgin 12″ auburn hair

I am a healthy, non-smoking young woman. My hair is thick, wavy and auburn, with gorgeous natural highlights. I do not color it; moreover, I do not even blow dr...

100 total views, 36 today



Gold and Copper Natural Spirals

Thick virgin spiral curls with natural strawberry blonde, golden and copper highlights. Washed and brushed through almost every day. Length 16-20 inches. Recent...

630 total views, 18 today

Sutle wavy hair


22″ Virgin light Brown hair

Long, strong, beautiful Colombian untreated, uncolored hair. Washing routines were every 2 days. Never smoked nor ironed/curled my hair. Always have had Natural...

88 total views, 14 today


$300 OBO

16″ Virgin Brown-Chestnut Hair

I am ready to cut off 16" of my hair. It is brown/chestnut in color, wavy/curly and 100% virgin. My hair is shampooed only when needed (at most twice a we...

143 total views, 18 today



22″ Virgin Irish Red Hair

Virgin Red Hair Non smoker Daily Multi-Vitamin use Washed 2-3 times a week with organic, non sulfate shampoo/conditioner NEVER dyed, NEVER heat treated, NEV...

145 total views, 18 today

14.5″ Uncolored untreated wavy brown hair with natural highlighst

$Open to offers

14.5″ Uncolored untreated wavy brown hair with natural highlights

I have 14.5 inches of beautiful wavy brown hair with natural highlights. No dyes, no chemicals, no drugs or smoking of any kind. Not sure if it counts as virgin...

107 total views, 10 today



Virgin red hair

Straight virgin red hair, never has had chemical treatment and no heat tools within the last two years. Well cared for and healthy, only organic haircare produc...

141 total views, 20 today



Virgin Indian Remy hair

Virgin indian hair available in all lengths. Looking for interested Salon owners or stylists.

113 total views, 16 today



Silky, Healthy, Virgin Hair

I am selling 11 inches of very healthy, virgin, straight brown hair. I've never had it chemically treated and I VERY rarely use heat on it. Many people have tol...

189 total views, 17 today

Classified Ads / Most Popular
Beautiful  Indian 18In Virgin Brown Hair – Drys straight

$1100 o.b.o

Beautiful Alaskan Indian 24In Virgin Brown Hair – Drys straight

My hair has never been colored, blow dried, or curled. My hair dries straight. While growing my hair out, I have children, so my hair is rich with vitamins. I d...

2466 total views, 10 today


$400 OBO

PayPal Payment Only! Thick, Healthy, Dense, Virgin brown hair with natural ...

Thick, Healthy, Dense, Virgin, naturally wavy, Medium-brown hair with natural highlights for sale. Non-smoker. Vegetarian, well-balanced diet with plenty of hea...

1960 total views, 7 today

Red virgin hair looking for a change of scalp

$1 OBO

Red virgin hair looking for a change of scalp

I'm a mature six-year-old mane which has been allowed to grow free and uncut with only the most careful of combing reining me in. All my strands are uncut by no...

1958 total views, 9 today

P1060835 (Small)


48” of Beautiful, Healthy, Virgin Honey-Blonde Hair!

Here is 48” of long, shiny, honey-blonde virgin hair. It has never been dyed, blow-dried or treated with chemicals. I have not used hair spray for the past 2 ye...

1791 total views, 14 today



Virgin Red Hair

Selling 18 inches of virgin red hair with natural highlights and wave.This is my 12yo daughters hair. Never used heat while styling. Very healthy.

1779 total views, 11 today


$$500 obo

****Brilliantly Beautiful Red*****

16 inch, Beautiful red locks!! 3 1/4 inches thick, *almost virgin* - never dyed or blow dried, only organic hair products and shampoo, washed 1-2 times per wee...

1466 total views, 10 today



19” of Brilliant Virgin Red Hair

*Price Reduced* *PayPal only* This is well under market value for my hair! I have been growing my hair for almost 4 years now and only recently had a small tr...

1394 total views, 15 today



27″ Smooth, Straight, Blonde Virgin Hair

My hair has been very well cared for. It is medium blonde in color, very long, and naturally pin-straight. I have been growing it out for the past four...

1299 total views, 12 today

12″ of Silky Soft Golden Blonde Hair, Ready to Cut

$500 OBO

12″ of Virgin Silky Soft Golden Blonde Hair, Ready to Cut

My hair is extremely well taken care of. Although it isn't very thick, I have lots of long, soft and shiny golden blonde hair that I am looking to sell. I am si...

1261 total views, 10 today


$350 OBO

Virgin Brunette Caucasian/Celtic Hair Thick and Straight

***Stop Press hair to be cut on Monday 24 December, 13.30 GMT*** We had agreed a sale but buyer not contacted, so am repromoting at $350 or best higher offer. ...

1211 total views, 5 today


$150.00 OBO


Beautiful, shiny, healthy, virgin strawberry blonde hair. Eight year old girl. Never been around anyone who smokes. Did not use any styling tools, including b...

1045 total views, 4 today


$600 OBO

25″ of rich auburn-tinged brown virgin hair

This hair has been looked after tenderly for over five years, but though I will miss it, it's time for it to go. You can see more pictures at http://imgur.com/a...

1035 total views, 9 today

16-17 inches of Beautiful Virgin Brown Hair

$400 OBO

18-20 inches of Beautiful Virgin Auburn Hair

I am selling 18 inches of straight auburn hair. (Hair appears wavy in the photos because it is usually worn in braids.) Ponytail is 4 inches thick, pulled tight...

1006 total views, 3 today


$275 OBO

24″ Silky Black Chinese Hair — Still Available!

24 inches of fine, shiny, straight, smooth, very healthy, all-natural, Chinese hair. >>Never dyed/chemically treated/etc >>Always air dried >...

987 total views, 8 today



24 inches of virgin sandy blonde hair

24 inches of beautiful, virgin sandy blonde hair that is slightly curly. Untreated and young. Never been blow-dried. Substance free (Smoke free environment, no ...

953 total views, 8 today

Classified Ads / Random

$200 OBO

13.5 inches dark brown non-virgin hair JUST CUT

*Just cut on the 22nd of January* I am Eurasian and have been growing this hair for two years, so it is quite youthful. It is only non-virgin because it has had...

292 total views, 5 today

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 8.57.08 PM


14 inches of blonde wavy hair 3″ thick

My hair is wavy, thick and has some natural highlights. I eat well and don't smoke or drink. I blow dry my hair and straighten it 5-7 times a year. I do use mou...

357 total views, 1 today


$$200 OBO

Looking to buy straight hair

Looking to purchase straight female hair however will only purchase if I can cut the hair myself and the final cut will be a short bob or a pixie style. Curren...

459 total views, 4 today

michelle hair


18 inches of Beautiful Brown Virgin Hair

18 inches of beautiful brown hair that has never been dyed. Washed at least 2x a week. Naturally dried, no hair drier used. Kept in a braid 90% of the time. ...

199 total views, 1 today



15″ Of beautiful Virgin Chestnut hair 3 and 1/8 In. thick for sale

I always get complements on my hair people say "Oh my God I love your hair it's beautiful!" I have 15" of beautiful Virgin Chestnut hair 3&and 1/8 in. thick...

353 total views, 2 today



Asian finest dark brown

My hair has never been treated with chemicals or heat and I washed it 3x per week prior to having it cut. It is around 16 inches long. priced to sell.

149 total views, 6 today

18-inch pony tail REV


18 to 23-inch virgin black hair

I have virgin, thick, air-dried, black hair; I am a non-cigarette smoker, occasional drinker, and in good shape. The hair has never been heat treated, dyed,or t...

541 total views, 2 today



Virgin Female Asian Brown Hair

Virgin asian female hair. Age 27 that has not and does not smoke. I use Pantene shampoo, conditioner, head and shoulder. I have never dyed my hair. Must use...

374 total views, 2 today

optimized christa hair


virgin brown 20 inches

virgin brown 20 inches long, 6 inches thick, wavy still attached and pregnant, non smoker washed every 3 days, payment through paypal

502 total views, 7 today

P1060835 (Small)


48” of Beautiful, Healthy, Virgin Honey-Blonde Hair!

Here is 48” of long, shiny, honey-blonde virgin hair. It has never been dyed, blow-dried or treated with chemicals. I have not used hair spray for the past 2 ye...

1791 total views, 14 today

My Hair 2

$100 OBO

16 inches virgin chestnut wavy hair

Hello, I just cut my hair and she cut 16 inches, not 12 like planned (I dont know how to edit the category of 10-15!) and I am looking to sell it to help with m...

594 total views, 3 today


$Open to Offers

Brown VIRGIN Hair! (Natural Auburn Highlights)

I've never died my shiny hair because I love the color! ♥ It ranges from deep brown (looks very dark in low light) to a reddish auburn & light golden brown ...

229 total views, 6 today



20-24 Inches of Virgin Brown Straight Hair

20-24 inches of shiny virgin brown hair to sell ASAP!!! The only thing that is done to my hair on rare occasions is blow drying which is purely done to dry my h...

387 total views, 6 today

hair 2

$$600 or obo

RARE VIRGIN deep red wavy hair with light blonde highlight 12 inches

The color is a deep red bordering on auburn, but mostly red. In the summer it gets lighter, with blonde streaks going through it. Depending on the lighting, it ...

308 total views, 9 today

Picture of hair

$300 obo

Beautiful virgin red hair

This is stunning red hair (my daughter gets stopped everywhere raving about her amazing hair color). It has never been dyed, permed or treated. Only washed a ...

618 total views, 7 today

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