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HairSellon is the biggest international marketplace for buying and selling hair putting individual sellers in direct contact with hair buyers. We walk you through the entire process with the aim for a fun, easy and fair experience for everyone.

Our unique Hair calculator Tool will quickly tell you how much your hair is worth and the How do I sell my Hair Guide will take you through the procedure of selling hair in the best way possible to maximise the sale value. This is particularly useful for people looking to sell hair for the first time.

If you are looking to buy human hair simply browse through the Categories above or the listings below, and if you need further advice visit our How to Buy Hair Guide or contact us.

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Classified Ads / Just Listed
Thick, wavy, bouncy, long and lustrous black hair !


Thick, wavy, bouncy, long and lustrous black hair !

About : Long, natural waves, thick, soft and very lustrous 'virgin' hair. Part of a healthy scalp. Colour: Shiny Black Thickness : 6 inches thick Zero Damag...

427 total views, 68 today



Clean, Virgin Blonde Male Ponytail

Clean, Virgin Blonde Male Ponytail The top of the ponytail is slightly matted, so I have measured from the rubberband down. I also combed through slightly. T...

87 total views, 32 today

Straight Blonde Hair


15 Inch Straight Blonde Hair

This hair is from a healthy teenage girl. It measures 15 inches loosely braided. It is blonde, very straight, virgin, and has never been treated with chemicals.

193 total views, 50 today



Virgin Brown Male Hair 10″

I have non blow dried and sun highlighted hair, ends are a bit damaged but rarely exposed to chlorine from swimming in pools, haven't swum in a pool for the las...

93 total views, 21 today



Virgin Red Hair (2)

Two braids of 11-12 inch virgin, healthy, red hair from a 14 year-old caucasian girl. Never colored,never blow-dried except at salon, and washed in gentle shamp...

102 total views, 15 today


$$150 OBO

Wavy layers

Brown untreated wavy hair with natural Red and blonde highlights

143 total views, 18 today

IMG_8634 (80)


Silky Black North Asian Hair

Up for sale is cut-on-demand Chinese black silky shiny hair from an 18-year-old young lady, that's me!My hair is washed at least every other day and condit...

237 total views, 23 today

Braid 1


Indian Black Hair

Soft, black, Indian, wavy hair - cut in June 2015. It had never been dyed, permed or chemically treated. It was straightened with a hot iron on special occasi...

82 total views, 8 today



Extra thick 18 inch virgin blond hair with natural highlights

My hair is dirty blond with natural highlights. I have never used hair color or dyes and eat a very healthy organic diet. Thickness is between 4 1/4 and 4 1/2...

270 total views, 31 today

FullSizeRender (1)


14” Virgin Auburn Hair

14'' of beautiful and healthy hair , i always get compliments on the unique color or how people have never before seen the color of my daughters hair .

179 total views, 20 today


$$350 OBO

Wavy neutral blonde with natural golden highlights

I am selling my hair to raise money so that I can attend a leadership forum for high school students. I always air dry my hair and I'm willing to video my hair...

193 total views, 14 today

Length and texture

$300 OBO

Wavy brown virgin hair

Hair has not been treated in anyway, including coloring. No blow dry, wash twice a week. Color is brown, some red tones in direct sunlight some grey.

192 total views, 11 today


$575 OBO

19″ Virgin Strawberry Blonde Hair

Very nice virgin hair, never treated in any way or used heat tools always air dried. Washed every other day with live clean baby wash or natures gate. Im a very...

163 total views, 13 today


$180 OBO

Virgin Thick Very light brown Hair with Natural blonde Highlights and Natur...

Deep, warm blonde with naturally occurring light highlights.4 inches thick, preparing to cut 15 inches. My hair is currently layered, most of the hair reac...

165 total views, 17 today



Long, Thick, Blonde, Virgin

This is very pretty long blonde hair. I've kept very good care of it. It is virgin- never dyed, permed, highlighted, etc. The only concern I need to express is ...

327 total views, 23 today

Classified Ads / Most Popular

$850, OBO

Chestnut, Virgin Hair

27 inches of thick, chestnut, virgin hair. Natural blonde and red highlights glisten in the sunshine.  No hair dryer, flat iron, or any heat whatsoever in the p...

2521 total views, 5 today


$Best price

Russian hair for sale

Russian best quality hair. 27 ponytails available most of it virgin europian hair. If you buy all best price guaranteed.

1617 total views, 7 today

Long, loose

$$150 OBO

26″ Straight Light Brown Hair with Natural Highlights

I will be cutting and selling 26" of hair. I will not buzz cut. My hair is light brown with natural golden highlights. I classify my hair color as raw umber. In...

1581 total views, 4 today

Auto Draft


A Braid You Could Climb

I wash my hair every other day and use shampoo and conditioner. My hair is very healthy and I keep it that way by getting a trim every once in a while. I have l...

1444 total views, 10 today

hair back

$$700 OBO

20″ Virgin Strawberry Golden Blonde Hair

I am selling 20 inches of thick, virgin, strawberry/golden blonde hair. My hair is slightly wavy when dry. It has never been bleached, dyed, permed, etc. (I hav...

1241 total views, 6 today

virgin hair 2a


24 inches,Virgin, Brown, European Hair, with Natural Highlights

I ‘ve been wearing my hair long for the past 14 years. I take great pride in my hair and I receive many compliments for their condition and quality, but it’s ti...

1175 total views, 5 today



Healthy Virgin Blonde Hair – 12-14′ long, 4.5′ thick

12-14 inches of beautiful, virgin blonde hair – has never been colored or treated. Healthy, strong and 4.5 inches thick. Usually worn in a braid or bun. Extr...

1158 total views, 5 today



23″ of beautiful virgin red/auburn hair

My sister has gorgeous all natural red/auburn hair. Never blowdried, no chemicals, no irons of any kind used. She is an all natural organic girl and the same go...

1106 total views, 7 today


$Open to Offers

20-21″ of virgin brown hair

My 16 year old daughter wants to cut 20-21" of her beautiful hair. The hair thickness at the cutting point is 3 1/4". She has beautiful wavy brown hair (after w...

1069 total views, 6 today


$150 OBO

Straight dark brown, 13 “

I am planning to cut 13 inches off as soon as I find a buyer and will either make a video or take pictures of my haircut.I am 3/4 Eastern European and 1/4...

1069 total views, 7 today



36” Healthy, virgin, straight, black hair

I'm selling my extremely long virgin straight healthy hair. It's very well taken care of, never dyed or permed in my life, hasn't been cut for 7 years. I'm non-...

1022 total views, 5 today



~Shine~ 20-22 inches dark brown *Virgin* hair

Thick, silky-smooth dark virgin hair with natural golden undertones. Super-touchable. Remarkably consistent thickness all the way down - regular trims keep it n...

1022 total views, 3 today


$$475 OBO

20 Inches of Straight, Silky, Brunette Virgin Hair

My hair has lots of natural golden highlights and is very straight, however the ends do have a slight wave as shown in the photographs. The texture is neither ...

964 total views, 10 today


$285 or highest

Straight/Wavy Thick Chesnut Brown Hair

Thick and healthy virgin hair. Half Japanese and half Caucasian. Mostly straight but slight wave, especially after being in a bun. Natural auburn highlights in...

949 total views, 5 today



27″ Dark Brown Virgin Hair

About 27" of dark brown hair, never dyed, permed, bleached, or otherwise treated. It has been curled using a heated curling wand, several months ago.I don'...

942 total views, 3 today

Classified Ads / Random
hair for sale

$$300 OBO

Virgin Brown Hair

Slight red tint in good light.My thick hair naturally forms ringlets at the bottom and is pulled straight by its weight at the top. Never heat-treated (ther...

190 total views, 9 today

Auto Draft

$Open to Offers

Dark Blonde ~10 inches

I have been growing my hair since the birth of my first child.I used to highlight it but stopped 4 years ago. It has been blow dried/curled probably 5-10 ...

516 total views, 3 today

20″ of thick brown curly hair with natural lowlights

$700 OBO

20″ of thick brown curly hair with lowlights

My hair is brown and naturally curly with natural lowlights. It has not been colored, permed, or had any chemical treatments. It was blow dried and curled once ...

710 total views, 4 today


$300 OBO

20′ Virgin organic hair

Virgin unadulterated male hair. This hair comes with natural highlights, is permanantely tied up to reduce damage and gets washed only every fourth day with org...

405 total views, 1 today


$900 OBO

14″ Virgin Blonde Hair

I have gorgeous thick wavy blonde hair and am looking to sell about 14 inches. I have a beautiful natural wave and my hair measures 4 inches thick. I have never...

657 total views, 1 today


$300 USD *OBO*

Virgin dark auburn *MALE* hair

***MALE*** Virgin 16.5 hair auburn. Never put anything in it (bleach/color/etc). Been caring for it for 3 years. Wash 2-3 times a week with conditioner. Very th...

173 total views, 0 today

super hair3.mp4_


hair for sell

i am parting with my beautiful hair to help. I take VERY good care of my hair — I never heat style it. I am 26 years old, have never smoked, and lead a very he...

739 total views, 6 today

DSC06153 edited

$250.00 OBO

Length is up to 40 inches, 35 inches braided; color is black/brown to white...

My hair was cut on Jan 30, 2016. I've kept it braided most of the time, so it is a bit wavy. Most of the color is black or brown, with some grey or white. I'...

679 total views, 7 today

Long, loose

$$150 OBO

26″ Straight Light Brown Hair with Natural Highlights

I will be cutting and selling 26" of hair. I will not buzz cut. My hair is light brown with natural golden highlights. I classify my hair color as raw umber. In...

1581 total views, 4 today

Dried hair


Thick Dark Brown Asian Hair

I am selling 17 inches of my hair. It has never been colored and is extremely healthy. I never blow dry, straighten or put any product in it. My hair is up to 1...

412 total views, 4 today


$100 obo.

Virgin silky blonde hair 14″ untreated

Selling 14" braid, was cut 4 weeks ago from a young girl. Absolutely virgin, was newer treated with chemicals or heat. The hair is straight and one inch longer ...

259 total views, 6 today


$150 OBO

Straight dark brown, 13 “

I am planning to cut 13 inches off as soon as I find a buyer and will either make a video or take pictures of my haircut.I am 3/4 Eastern European and 1/4...

1069 total views, 7 today



12″ of Irish-German Virgin,Wavy Red Hair

12 inches of virgin, soft, silky, wavy, thick red hair. Recently cut. I don't use heat on my hair, and I use product maybe once every couple of months. My hair ...

286 total views, 1 today



NEW PRICE! 15″+ Of Dark Brown/Black Virgin Hair

Hair description: -hair colour is very dark brown, almost black -listed at a minimum 15 inches, definitely a few inches more though depending on where you end...

213 total views, 0 today



All natural blonde hair. 10 in. No dye or chemicals. Naturally straight

Dried naturally, washed every other day with conditioner. Very naturally shiny. I don't smoke If you have tried to contact me this week I have not received it ...

270 total views, 2 today

Buy & Sell Hair Worldwide

The hair industry is constantly growing ;-) with both large businesses and individuals looking to buy and sell hair on a worldwide scale. Unfortunately this has led to the rise of dubious enterprises selling human hair on a mass scale that has been unethically sourced.

Thankfully this issue has been exposed in recent times and pushed into the public eye. This has resulted in a strong movement towards purchasing hair from individual sellers as hair traders/companies, who buy hair on a large scale, have become more aware of this.

Consequently there has been a rise in individuals realising that they can sell hair (and actually make some serious money for it) which has led to...well here…Hairsellon.com – the best place to buy and sell hair!

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