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HairSellon is the biggest international marketplace for buying and selling hair putting individual sellers in direct contact with hair buyers. We walk you through the entire process with the aim for a fun, easy and fair experience for everyone.

Our unique Hair calculator Tool will quickly tell you how much your hair is worth and the How do I sell my Hair Guide will take you through the procedure of selling hair in the best way possible to maximise the sale value. This is particularly useful for people looking to sell hair for the first time.

If you are looking to buy human hair simply browse through the Categories above or the listings below, and if you need further advice visit our How to Buy Hair Guide or contact us.

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Classified Ads / Just Listed
Ballerina Hair 1


Beautiful Brown Ballerina Hair

Thick, silky brown hair with natural dark gold highlights and a gentle wave. Young virgin hair, never blow dried, straightened, or heat curled. Washed daily wit...

170 total views, 114 today

Full Length Natural State

$500.00 O.B.O.

Uncut Undamaged Unending Brown Locks for Sale

I have been growing my hair for about 4 years with only minor trims in between. Washed about every other day - shampoo on scalp only, conditioner on all but sca...

170 total views, 92 today

20160207_163029 (2)


16 inches of Virgin Brown Wavy Hair

16 inches of brown (with red and blonde natural highlights) wavy virgin hair, the layers vary in length from 14-17 inches. I don’t usually dry my hair, I use na...

208 total views, 30 today

FullSizeRender (1)

$Open to offers

Virgin 11 inches, blonde child’s hair

Virign child's hair, 11.5 inches, dark blonde

78 total views, 15 today



20′ Virgin organic hair

Virgin unadulterated male hair. This hair comes with natural highlights, is permanantely tied up to reduce damage and gets washed only every fourth day with org...

163 total views, 12 today



my lovely black hair

i will cut my hair for 31-33". i love my hair so much but i have to cut it asap for who ever need it with a good offer.i take very good care of it, i use s...

312 total views, 29 today

Auto Draft

$Open to Offers

Dark Blonde ~10 inches

I have been growing my hair since the birth of my first child.I used to highlight it but stopped 4 years ago. It has been blow dried/curled probably 5-10 ...

236 total views, 31 today

FullSizeRender (1)

$$500 OBO


I'm latina, never dyed my hair. I do not straighten my hair, as it is already naturally straight. Every now and then I will blow dry it or curl it if I'm going ...

229 total views, 20 today



Long, golden blonde, virgin hair

Offering beautiful golden blonde hair. This is not yet cut. Will have it cut when you purchase.Never dyed or permed. I do not smoke or drink. I also take v...

396 total views, 20 today



20″ Straight 3″ Thick Healthy Virgin Blonde

Freshly cut, 20inches of beautiful, healthy, light blonde hair with natural highlights. I have a very healthy diet (lots of avocados and coconut oil, great for ...

428 total views, 22 today



Virgin hair – long and wavy

16 inches curly/wavy thick hair. Virgin. Unsure of length straightened

220 total views, 7 today

Auto Draft


Virgin, Black, Straight Hair

Virgin Hair: Never heat-treated or chemically treated (Always air dried or patted dry with a towel, no curling irons or straighteners)Shampooed and conditio...

295 total views, 10 today



27″ Dark Brown Virgin Hair

About 27" of dark brown hair, never dyed, permed, bleached, or otherwise treated. It has been curled using a heated curling wand, several months ago.I don'...

383 total views, 17 today

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 8.36.29 PM


VIRGIN Chestnut 13 Inches

My hair is a rich chestnut brown with golden and reddish streaks throughout. It is about 4.5 inches thick, slightly wavy, and significant volume. My hair has ...

384 total views, 9 today

Wet hair


Virgin, Straight, 12 inch Strawberry Blonde

Extremely unique, thick, virgin, voluminous pin straight strawberry blonde hair with red, copper, and gold undertones. 12 inches long and 2.5 inches in circumfe...

307 total views, 14 today

Classified Ads / Most Popular
Long Hair DOWN



20 inches of thick (5inches) virgin golden/strawberry blonde hair.PERFECT FOR WIGSI have never dyed nor treated my hair, and only use salon level shampo...

1990 total views, 7 today

Hair Examples


Virgin Brown 12″ Slightly Wavy Pre-cut

Pre-cut brown virgin hair. I am 25 years old and trying to sell my hair to pay for a college course that I need to graduate with a degree in Natural Resources....

1679 total views, 2 today

19 inches


19 inches long chestnut hairs

I’m living in a non-smoking environment. I take good care of my hairs. They are washed every two or three days with shampoo n conditioner, let air dry n brushed...

1592 total views, 2 today

Hair_Pic_1 [hi-res]


EXCEPTIONAL VIRGIN GOLDEN-BROWN, Straight, 12.5″, Young Woman, Straig...

**UPDATE!**(See below!) This is extremely beautiful, voluminous, versatile, healthy and smooth gold-brown hair, which truly shines like gold in the sun with co...

1544 total views, 2 today


$265 OBO

Shine, Shine, Shine! 15″ of Healthy, Strong, Straight, Luminous Brown...

Extraordinary locks that shine like a diamond! The texture is sensationally smooth and soft, with absolutely no damage. Hair 3.5 - 4" thick, so worn in braid/bu...

1467 total views, 3 today


$850, OBO

Chestnut, Virgin Hair

27 inches of thick, chestnut, virgin hair. Natural blonde and red highlights glisten in the sunshine.  No hair dryer, flat iron, or any heat whatsoever in the p...

1384 total views, 12 today



16″ Virgin Dark Blonde Hair

My 15 year old daughter has always grown out her hair and donated it to charity. But with college quickly approaching, this time she has decided to sell it to e...

1260 total views, 5 today


$Best price

Russian hair for sale

Russian best quality hair. 27 ponytails available most of it virgin europian hair. If you buy all best price guaranteed.

1234 total views, 4 today

Virgin blond/brown hair


Virgin blond/brown hair

I'm selling virgin blonde/brown hair. It is silky to the feel. It has never been dyed and it was cut only to ensure no split ends. When it was cut it measured 5...

1224 total views, 2 today



blonde virgin hair

My hair are virgin, I have never coloured them. Generally I don't use straightener or curling iron so they are absolutely healthy and strong. They are blonde an...

1162 total views, 10 today


$$500 OBRO

23″ Virgin Dark Honey Blonde Hair

I have lovely long, straight hair, which has never been dyed. Washed twice weekly with gentle shampoo (no sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates). Brushed gently, and...

1156 total views, 2 today


$450 OBO

Blond 20 inches of virgin hair

20" of virgin golden blonde hair with natural highlights. Has never been chemicly treated. Washed about once a week. And very low product use. Useally kept in a...

1143 total views, 1 today

Long, loose

$$150 OBO

25″ Straight Light Brown Hair with Natural Highlights

My hair is about 35" long from my roots, but I will be selling 25" of it. I will not buzz cut. My hair is light brown with natural golden highlights. I classify...

1110 total views, 6 today

Hair Auction 1

$$1000 OBO

31″ Virgin Wavy Blond

Beautiful thick blond hair, extremely well and meticulously cared for. I often have hairstylists asking me what I do to keep my hair so healthy and soft. Hair...

1058 total views, 7 today

Full view


24″ Light Auburn/Brown Virgin Hair

I am selling 24" of virgin, light auburn brown hair. Hair is thick (strands are thick), soft and has great texture and natural blonde, golden brown and red high...

1053 total views, 7 today

Classified Ads / Random
Total Hair

$150 OBO

Near Virgin Hair 16″ Dark Brown with Henna Red

Near Virgin Hair: Hair has been colored using all natural Henna, but no other chemical or coloring treatments. This is the reason for the heavy red tint to the ...

408 total views, 2 today

Auto Draft


Virgin, Black, Straight Hair

Virgin Hair: Never heat-treated or chemically treated (Always air dried or patted dry with a towel, no curling irons or straighteners)Shampooed and conditio...

295 total views, 10 today



Pure asian hair

hi...i will cut my hair for 13-14" . i take very good care of it, i use kerastase shamphoo and conditioner from paris. i never blow my hair. I wash my hair ...

585 total views, 1 today



Silky Strong Straight Virgin Hair

Very strong smooth virgin hair. Shampoo and conditioned every other day. Never dyed, gelled, or blow dried. Drug free and eat healthy. Grown to sell. Frequ...

328 total views, 4 today



Must go

I take good care of my hair. It is virgin hair, I have never dyed, permed, or had any treatment done to it. When washed properly it is silky smooth.It is very s...

643 total views, 6 today



Beautiful Brunette Botticelli Curls

Up for sale is my entire length of hair Brunette Botticelli curls. This is virgin hair. No hair coloring or processing. I eat healthy and do not smoke. I only u...

628 total views, 2 today


$115 (OBO)

11″ virgin brown hair

Straight and well kept virgin brown hair! Easy to manage. Occasionally blow-dried and straightened. Non-smoker. Cut at a professional salon, into 3 smaller pony...

197 total views, 5 today

20151206_153204-1 (2)

$500 OBO

Thick Blonde Virgin Hair

The hair I am selling is thick, golden blonde virgin hair. I have been growing it out for quite a while and I do natural hair treatments regularly with coconut ...

717 total views, 4 today

Auto Draft

$Open to Offers

Dark Blonde ~10 inches

I have been growing my hair since the birth of my first child.I used to highlight it but stopped 4 years ago. It has been blow dried/curled probably 5-10 ...

236 total views, 31 today


$300 OBO!

15 inches of Silky Golden Blonde Virgin Hair

15 inches of naturally straight, golden blonde hair. (Already cut, so you know exactly what you are getting.)-Well taken care of; washed and brushed every n...

475 total views, 1 today



18″ Healthy, Thick, Straight, Dark Brown Hair

I am Wanting to sell My Hair. It has never been Dyed, Permed, or Flat ironed. Rarely blown dry, or had a curling Iron used on just the tips. I am a non-Smoker a...

297 total views, 2 today



Dark brown raw hair long 16 inches

100% Natural hair, thick dark brown with strong and thick hair. Absolutely natural not treated with paint, hair press. Long is 41 cm and weighs 120 grams. Ha...

404 total views, 0 today



Thick Healthy Gorgeous Red Hair

I haven't cut my hair in 10 years. It's super healthy and shinny. I use WEN to condition my hair. It is in great shape. I don't smoke or drink. I don't use heat...

933 total views, 4 today


$500 obo

Auburn long virgin hair

Time to auction this hair for cancer research. My husband died just before Thanksgiving, and made me promise to do this. The hair is virgin, and I avoid dryin...

894 total views, 4 today

hair back

$$700 OBO

20″ Virgin Strawberry Golden Blonde Hair

I am selling 20 inches of thick, virgin, strawberry/golden blonde hair. My hair is slightly wavy when dry. It has never been bleached, dyed, permed, etc. (I hav...

641 total views, 1 today

Buy & Sell Hair Worldwide

The hair industry is constantly growing ;-) with both large businesses and individuals looking to buy and sell hair on a worldwide scale. Unfortunately this has led to the rise of dubious enterprises selling human hair on a mass scale that has been unethically sourced.

Thankfully this issue has been exposed in recent times and pushed into the public eye. This has resulted in a strong movement towards purchasing hair from individual sellers as hair traders/companies, who buy hair on a large scale, have become more aware of this.

Consequently there has been a rise in individuals realising that they can sell hair (and actually make some serious money for it) which has led to...well here…Hairsellon.com – the best place to buy and sell hair!

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