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HairSellon is the biggest international marketplace for buying and selling hair putting individual sellers in direct contact with hair buyers. We walk you through the entire process with the aim for a fun, easy and fair experience for everyone.

Our unique Hair calculator Tool will quickly tell you how much your hair is worth and the How do I sell my Hair Guide will take you through the procedure of selling hair in the best way possible to maximise the sale value. This is particularly useful for people looking to sell hair for the first time.

If you are looking to buy human hair simply browse through the Categories above or the listings below, and if you need further advice visit our How to Buy Hair Guide or contact us.

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Virgin blonde/brown long thick hair from a 16 year old girl

I'm an active, outdoorsy 16 year old girl selling my hair to buy some backpacking equipment. I often wear my hair in braids, and take good care of it. Its actua...

47 total views, 47 today



12 inches Chestnut Coloured Hair W/ Natural Blonde Highlights

My daughter had her beautiful hair cut by a salon on 6/30/15. Doesn't use any products, or do any type of straightening, curling or ever had color done. Shiny, ...

35 total views, 8 today




Very Long Hair Grown for 4 Years!!38 Inch Long Hair!Black / BrownMale Asian Hair (Filipino)Very Thick!YES It is Virgin Hair!

43 total views, 11 today



THICK Dirty Blonde Virgin Hair for Sale

I just cut off a foot of my very thick, virgin blonde hair. It can be yours!

70 total views, 5 today



20″ Dark Brown/Highlights Virgin Asian Hair

Ready for a change, want to cut hair. Non-smoker, towel dry, wash every 2 - 3 days. I am willing to cut more for the right price. Will cut my hair and ship it u...

233 total views, 14 today

12″ Silk Brown Locks

$$150 OBO

12″ Silk Brown Locks

12" of Silky, Shiny Virgin Brown Hair, from a healthy non-smoker. Going for a cool summer cut! Pictures after of pony and hair on head.

209 total views, 5 today


$Open to Offers

15″ Reddish Wavy Virgin Hair

I've been wanting to sell my hair here for two years, and now I finally am!- Virgin hair - No hair-drying or straightening - Washed twice weekly - I'm a...

232 total views, 14 today

20150702_103830 (720x1280)

$500 CDN

11 inches of virgin red hair

11 + inches of virgin red hair. 4 1/2 inches in circumference in a loose pony tail. Washed every day or two with sulfate free shampoo, conditioned with sulfate ...

166 total views, 7 today

Thick brown virgin hair


Thick Brown Virgin Hair

Thick brown virgin hair. Washed every one or two days. Hardly ever ironed or curled. A little natural wave. Non-smoking environment. Some split ends. Small high...

212 total views, 2 today



Great deal! 3.5″ Thick Virgin Auburn Hair 12 Inches

My hair is thick and healthy. I never blow dry my hair or use curlers or any products (other than shampoo and conditioner and a once in a while organic coconut ...

116 total views, 1 today



Virgin Blonde

Have 12 inches of virgin hair.

138 total views, 3 today



20 Inch Virgin Dirty Blonde Swedish Hair

After years with long hair it was time for a change- so now you can have some of your own blonde Swedish hair! It very silky with a slight wave, lots of body, a...

112 total views, 2 today


$1850( OBO)


The hair never had any treatment. It doesn't get greasy very often so I wash it every fortnight, dry it naturally. No split ends. Don't drink or smoke, vegetari...

323 total views, 13 today



17″ brown virgin hair

About 17 inches of beautiful virgin brown hair. Never been chemically dyed or treated and is kept very naturally. Medium thickness. Has volume but is still very...

224 total views, 6 today



Vibrant strawberry blonde 13″ hair

I receive a lot of compliments on my natural hair color. I wash it no more than every other day and add oil to it after I shower to keep the ends conditioned. ...

302 total views, 9 today

Classified Ads / Most Popular

$200 OBO

23″ Silky Black Chinese Hair!

23 inches of fine, shiny, straight, smooth, very healthy, all-natural, Chinese hair.>>Never dyed/chemically treated/etc >>Always air dried >...

1949 total views, 2 today


$1000 to 2000

Long Hair Wanted

Long hair wanted,All colors 20 inches or longer and must be willing to get a very short pixie haircut or buzzcut haircut.Also would like to video the haircut.Wi...

1664 total views, 6 today



Red 21′ Virgin Hair

My hair is natural with no dyes or chemical treatments. I don't use any type of heat treatment to my hair and wash it once a week as needed with non-salon shamp...

1477 total views, 3 today



Amazing, Beautiful, Thick, Long, Straight Brown hair. 17″ long 2.5...

I grew my hair out for 2 years and cut 17 inches straight off. It's very shiny and beautiful. Thick strands and 2.5 inches thick around the ponytail.

1455 total views, 2 today

25-28″ Thick virgin light brown hair


25-28″ Thick virgin light brown hair

I have virgin hair- I've never dyed it and I haven't used any heat products on it in the last 5 years. My hair is VERY thick. When it's not braided and I measu...

1189 total views, 9 today



23″ of Dark Brown Virgin Healthy Hair

I am planning to finally cut my hair after 5 years of growing it. I have primarily grown my hair and given it to Locks of Love as a donation over the past 15 y...

1084 total views, 4 today



Virgin Red Hair

My daughter is wanting to cut her natural, amazing, healthy, virgin red hair. Will cut after payment is made through Paypal.

1076 total views, 4 today


$1850 OBO

36″+ Red Virgin hair

Virgin hair, red 36" plus willing to be cut. There is one area a little shorter that was from when I had bangs and is thinner at the bottom but I will be cuttin...

1027 total views, 17 today

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 5.45.36 PM


17 inches of thick, HEALTHY Asian hair

Hello, I am looking to sell my super dark, thick hair. I am 18 years old and I eat well and exercise regularly and that is reflected in the strength, shininess,...

974 total views, 1 today



Virgin brown/auburn hair 22 inches

I already sold my hair but the website don't let me mark it as sold or erase the add. Sorry for the inconvenient.

947 total views, 0 today


$Best offer

Lifetime long hair

Life time long hair for sell. Accept best offer. Thanks

913 total views, 2 today

20150114_165530 (1)


True Virgin Hawaiian Hair, 17 inches

I have had long hair my entire life and take care of my hair well. I have been contemplating selling my hair for years, and as such have taken even better care ...

881 total views, 0 today

Outside on a sunny day, the brown color really popping in this photo.

$200 OBO

18″ of Voluminously Gorgeous Curly Virgin Brown/Black Hair

Hi, and thanks for checking out my ad :D I have a link to higher quality pictures at the bottom of the ad.I love my hair but it's time for me to part with ...

881 total views, 2 today



Strawberry Blonde Virgin Hair

Blondes do have more fun!18 inches strawberry blonde hair3 inches aroundVirgin hair: never colored, never curled or straightened with an iron, rarel...

852 total views, 4 today

24″ Long Virgin, Soft, and Thick Light Brown Hair


24″ Long Virgin, Soft, and Thick Light Brown Hair

I am a 23 year old female who has been growing my hair long since I was 14. I have made two 12-18" cuts in the past (I cut 2-4" about once or twice a year). My ...

838 total views, 3 today

Classified Ads / Random


!3″ virgin red hair

I'm trying to build my college funds. I had the ends trimmed very recently. I live in a nonsmoking home. My hair is very healthy and thick. I avoid straighte...

305 total views, 4 today


$$350 obo

12 Inches, Natural Red Virgin Hair

I am selling 12" of natural red, virgin hair. I have never colored or treated my hair. Very rarely blow dry or use any sort of product. I exercise regularly, so...

549 total views, 2 today

Full back

$600 OBO

21″ natural, thick red hair

Gorgeous, natural thick red/auburn hair. Silky and strong, no split ends. Never dyed, bleached, or chemically treated. Non-smoker in a smoke-free household. Was...

407 total views, 6 today



Beautiful Virgin Brown Hair With Natural Gold Highlights

My daughter is 13 and has been wanting to sell her hair, She is going to be selling 18" length and it is 5" thickIt glows in the sun light, It looks like fi...

293 total views, 2 today


$175 O.B.O

14 inches of thick Beautiful naturally curly Brazilian hair

My hair is naturally curly but I will straighten it to sell it. Circumference of my hair is 4 1/2 inches thickness. I will cut 14" off. Hair is medium blond...

376 total views, 3 today



10-12 inches medium brown virgin hair feathery and straight

It's time to cut it short and start over. This hair is untreated in every way, no chemicals, heat treating, swimming, or blow drying. Individual hairs are thi...

237 total views, 4 today



Three 12 inch long, 1 inch thick, chestnut pony tails.

These THREE 12 inch long, 1 inch thick each pony tails are shiny, smooth, straight, strong, naturally highlighted, very virgin, and healthy.

487 total views, 1 today



Brown, layered, very virgin hair

Fine brown hair, as my stylist would call it "baby soft". Layered and shiny. Shortest layer will be around 10" and the longest just over 13. Non smoker, light d...

497 total views, 2 today



17″ Luxurious rich chestnut brown hair

-Dark, wavy chestnut brown hair -Silky, shiny, and soft -No heating products used on hair -Natural sun-kissed highlights -Cut professionally on 6/26/15

157 total views, 1 today



Unkut hair

14 inches of beautiful chestnut hair for sale $200 or B.O. Please inquire for photos by email.

452 total views, 0 today


$200 OBO

23″ Silky Black Chinese Hair!

23 inches of fine, shiny, straight, smooth, very healthy, all-natural, Chinese hair.>>Never dyed/chemically treated/etc >>Always air dried >...

1949 total views, 2 today



Black Peruvian Hair

Thick Peruvian hair. Slightly wavy. Virgin: never been dyed or ironed. It has a brownish glow in the sunlight. 15 inches if you count the tip witch is graded. ...

254 total views, 0 today

pic 1

$200.00 OBO

Virgin 12inch Red Hair

12 inch long virgin red hair. 3.5 inches thick. This hair was cut on 6/27 @ 6 PM. Want to sell ASAP. My natural hair is wavy, but I don't have any pictures of i...

108 total views, 0 today


$$250 OBO

14 inches of thick wavy virgin strawberry blonde hair

My hair is thick and wavy, very healthy. This listing is for 2 layered ponytails (cut while in ponytail above the holder - see photo) with lengths from 9 to 14 ...

349 total views, 4 today



23″ of Dark Brown Virgin Healthy Hair

I am planning to finally cut my hair after 5 years of growing it. I have primarily grown my hair and given it to Locks of Love as a donation over the past 15 y...

1084 total views, 4 today

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The hair industry is constantly growing ;-) with both large businesses and individuals looking to buy and sell hair on a worldwide scale. Unfortunately this has led to the rise of dubious enterprises selling human hair on a mass scale that has been unethically sourced.

Thankfully this issue has been exposed in recent times and pushed into the public eye. This has resulted in a strong movement towards purchasing hair from individual sellers as hair traders/companies, who buy hair on a large scale, have become more aware of this.

Consequently there has been a rise in individuals realising that they can sell hair (and actually make some serious money for it) which has led to...well here…Hairsellon.com – the best place to buy and sell hair!

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