Thick long Brazilian hair, Goldilocks style

$600 / OBO


Additional Info

Hair Length (Inches)21
Hair Thickness4.5 Inches Thick
Hair ColourBrown
Hair EthnicityOther
Hair Texture TypeWavy, Curly
Hair to be Cut byHair Salon/Professional
CountryUnited States
Zip/Postal Code27606

I’m a Brazilian female of mixed ethnicity (Afrobrazilian mother + Caucasian father) and I decided to let my hair freely to change it up a bit. For reference, I’m 5’10” (180cm)

(Measuring tape is in centimeters because I took the pictures when I was visiting family in Brazil)

About the hair:
– Virgin (not even temporary dye was used)
– Never ironed nor curled. Straightened with a plain brush only twice
– Air dried only (I hate the sensation of blowdrying)
– 2B/2C medium texture
– 53cm/21in long while curled like in the picture
– 12.6cm/4.5in thick
– Shiny, strong, and plentiful
– Large Goldilocks-like curls
– Low-poo/no-poo hair treatment since May 2023; it is washed 2-4 times a week as needed (I exercise)
– Irregular hair hydrating routine, simply because it’s rarely needed.
– Sunscreen and hydration creams are used when I go to the beach or pool (rare) or on hikes/constant walks under the sun (very uncommon)
– Rich medium brown color, looks near golden in the sunlight
– Every day I wake up, toss my hair around with my fingers, and leave home. It’s naturally like that.

About me:
– Not a smoker, not in a smoking home, a rare alcohol drinker
– I avoid processed and/or inflammatory food due to family history, and try to eat home-cooked meals 6x a week, with plenty of vegetables and grain
– I drink at least 2l of water a day, as well as fruit juices. I don’t drink soda.
– I exercise 5-10h/week
– 7-9h of sleep a day

If interested, please get in touch! I’m willing to wait for the right offer.