Hairsellon – Advice from a Buyer Part 2 of 2

This is the second part of a article series submitted by one of our long term buyers at HairSellon. A very useful read for any hair sellers! The first article can be found here:

How much do I ask for my hair and how do I get that price?

Hair has value for different reason to different people. As such it is important to know how to make your hair look its best in your ad, as well as understanding to whom you are trying to sell your hair to. Therefore making your hair appear valuable and desirable to those buyers who might be considering buying it, and understanding their motivation can be important when creating your ad.

1. Making your hair appear valuable and desirable!

Remember, regardless of the reason, or reasons, you are selling your hair, it is all about how you market your hair that determines how easily, and for how much, you are able to sell it for. So, c…

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Selling Your Hair – Advice from a Veteran HairSellon Buyer (Part1 of 2)

“Selling Your Hair”—Thoughts from a 25+ year Buyer and Seller of Long Hair - Part 1 of 2

Hello to you all! My name is Lee Coles, and I have been buying and selling long hair for 25+ years, and I have finally decided to share some of my experience and knowledge with those of you who are wanting to sell your hair.

This is, to some extent, being done at the suggestion of the Hairsellon Staff, as I have been helping them along these lines for a number of years by helping to identify fake ads and scammers periodically. I hope you will find this information useful, as well as easily accessible. My hope it that by organizing the following information into subjects and presenting it to you in an easily understandable format, it will help you all to gain a better understanding of what hair is worth, why you might wish to sell it as opposed to donating it, and the ways in which you can both protect yourselves from scammers and get the best deal for your hair. So,…

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Checkout our New HairSellon Video Starring Sara

Watch the video below to find out how Sara sold her hair on HairSellon, the Worldwide Hair Trade Marketplace! Sara takes us through the whole process, from hearing about HairSellon through a friend, to finding the HairSellon website, selling her hair and planning what to spend the money on! She also learns why HairSellon is safer and better than the alternatives.

Sell Your Hair Now »

Let us know what you think of Sara's story in the comments below!
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Top Tips and Advice for Sellers and Buyers

One member of HairSellon who has extensive experience in the business has kindly written in to provide some excellent insight and advice for both buyers and sellers using this site. Hello, I have been doing this for quite a long time. There are many scammers out there. I just wanted to send a few simple rules to those thinking of selling their hair. 1. NEVER cut your hair before you KNOW you have the cash in your account/hand. Once your hair is cut, the price drops dramatically. If you Do cut it before selling, then you have only yourself to blame. (more…)
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$37,000 for Willie Nelson’s Hair!

Willie Nelson's hair braids have been sold at an exclusive auction in Phoenix, Arizona for $37,000! The auction took place during the estate sale of late country singer song-writer Waylon Jennings who died in 2002. Nelson reportedly presented the braids as a strange gift to Waylon Jennings during a party thrown by June and Johnny Cash to celebrate his sobriety in 1983. The lucky buyer of the braids has not been disclosed, and the hair itself was just one of thousands of items on sale, with other lots including Buddy Holly's motorcycle, Muhammad Ali's boxing mits, handwritten lyrics from the singer and a personal letter sent to Jenkins from John Lennon. Willie Nelson's hair joins the list of celebrities who have sold locks of their hair along with Elvis, Mick Jagger, Justin Bieber, John Lennon and many more.
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Charity Hair Sale Success Stories

If you would like to do a charity hair sale please Read Our Guide » 2013

Beautiful Chestnut Hair Sold for Charity A great example of how easy it is to raise money for your charity with another charity hair sale which sold very quickly. The money is to be donated to the Athens Academy in Greece, which obviously held a special place for the seller. HairSellon and the Athens Academy would like to say a big thanks to the seller and the buyer for their donations and supporting HairSellon charity hair sales!

Stunning Nordic Blonde Hair Sold for Charity Our first successful charity hair sale was a great success with some stunning Nordic Blonde hair being sold for $400. The money was donated to Plan International, one of the largest children's development organisations in the world, promoting child rights and fighting against poverty. HairSellon and Plan International would like to say a big thankyou to both the s…
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Selling Hair For Charity – Intelligent Fundrasing Guide

Unfortunately we have had to put a halt to charity sales for now. Of course you can still run your own private charity sale. From the moment HairSellon was launched there has been a strong desire to do our part for charity, specifically aiding organisations who help children suffering from serious illnesses such as cancer or leukaemia. (more…)
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Half Price Hair Listings

UPDATE: This offer has now expired, visit the current list of HairSellon Promotional Offers and Exclusive Coupons » Our great value Hair Listing Service just got even better! For a limited time only we can offer you Half-Price Listings! If you have a Facebook Profile all you need to do is head over to our HomePage and become a HairSellon Facebook fan by clicking 'Like' in the 'Find us on Facebook' box halfway down the right-side of the page. Then use the coupon code FbFifty02 when posting your hair listing for 50% Off!   It's as simple as that! Nows the chance...if you've been debating whether or not it's worth trying to sell you hair, then this is a great opportunity to have a go at it! If you need help getting started then visit our Hair Selling Guide for a walkthrough of the process, or if you want to jump straight to finding out how much you hair is worth, try our unique new tool, the Hair Calculator »
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