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Have you Tried Horse Shampoo?

HairSellon Blog May 10, 2012

But Mane N’ Tail is for Horses… isn’t it?

Well yes, the bottle would certainly suggest that and perhaps it’s not what you see on the shelves at the beauty store, but Mane N’ Tail Horse products are being used by people every day!

Oh, and before you ask, no, I’m not pulling your tail 😉

Mane N’ Tail products have been keeping horses, particularly show horses, looking spectacular for years now, but the product has made a surprising break into the human hair market and could become available at a supermarket near you!

In both a shampoo and conditioner form, rumours abound about the miracles of this product; hair growing twice as fast, it’s used by Jennifer Aniston, if you’ve ever seen Blades of Glory you might have even noticed Will Ferrell using similar horse products in the film for his mane! While some of these rumours maybe true, some definitely are no,t so don’t expect to wake up as Rapunzel in the morning!

However there are many testimonies and evidence to suggest that Mane N’ Tail really can work wonders on human hair. In terms of the Conditioner, the packaging claims that it helps prevent split ends and hair breakages (which naturally helps if you are trying to grow your hair to sell on HairSellon.com 😉 ), it corrects dryness levels and nourishes the scalp, keeps hair manageable and tangle free, and generally fortifies and conditions hair.

Many people have backed up these claims stating that the product really has worked to strengthen hair, make it more healthy with more shine and deal with dandruff problems. Furthering this it has a great smell, and the protein formula used for strengthening hair in the product has been so effective, that it has aided in hair growth by minimising hair breakages. The product has also been credited for the minimal and natural ingredients it uses compared with other shampoos and conditioners.

Where & How?

Mane N’ Tail is made by Straight Arrow and is easy enough to find online. It does now carry both human and animal instructions on the back of the pack. The shampoo can be used as any other, but the conditioner can be used as a leave in hair mask as well. If you do wash it out, hair needs to be thoroughly washed through as it can be quite tough to get out. Although the product has been around for years, it seems to have been somewhat secretive and illusive, but now the veil has dropped, and it’s time for you to try out this miracle worker for yourself!

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One Response to “Have you Tried Horse Shampoo?”

  1. I’#e heard that mane-n-tail makes it grow faster but i heard thats just because it makes your hair strongerso i guess any good shampoo really to keep it healthy dont wash too often just treat it good..dont rip through it dont brush it when its wet and if you do just use a wide toothed comb start from the bottom up. Avoid heat like blowdryers and straightners. But if you just HAVE to use those you can get heat protecting spray or surem (sp?)OHand you DONT HAVE TO TRIM IT if you dont have split ends, the only reason to trim hair is to get split ends off so they dont break off which makes you lose length..so if you dont have split ends..no need to cut it.
    You can take hair, skin, and nail vitamins at cvs or walmart they give you vitamins your hair skin and nails need to be healthy. Also deep condictioning treatments are good for it, or a type of oil.like olive oil. wet your hair then put olive oil in it. Leave it in over night. then in the morning wash it out. ^_^ it makes it softer. but uh sleep with a towel on your pillow cuz its kind of messy, or around your head. You really cant speed up hair growth. ive looked >.> so just keep it healthy.good luck xDtoodles noodles ^.^

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